BREAKING: Israeli Soldier Killed by Hamas at Gaza Border, IDF Retaliates

Image result for gaza
IDF strikes deep into Gaza. (AFP PHOTO / BASHAR TALEB)

Praying friends, will you join me this evening in praying for Israel’s military leadership and soldiers, as well as the Palestinian people?

At about 6:00pm tonight (Israel time), conflict occurred at the Israel-Gaza border.  An Israeli soldier was killed by a Hamas sniper, after which the IDF launched attacks on about 60 targets in Gaza before an Egyptian-negotiated ceasefire ended (at least for now) the action between Hamas and Israel.

The Jerusalem Post has published a timeline of events here.

Military experts are suggesting that Hamas is gradually drawing Israel into a more sustained military operation in the Gaza Strip.  Though Hamas undoubtedly knows they cannot win a confrontation with Israel, they continue to show very little regard for the people of Gaza.  They think nothing of using them as human shields, or of putting them in extreme danger.  In fact, the more casualties that occur, the bigger “splash” it will make in the media and the more they can accuse Israel for being the aggressor.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu and top Israeli military leaders have consistently said they will defend Israel’s borders and protect her citizens.

Let’s make this an evening of prayer for wisdom of leaders, safety of soldiers, peace for citizens, and a move of the Holy Spirit upon the hearts and minds of both Jews and Palestinians.  Thanks for praying!

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