Report: Egyptian brokered ceasefire between Hamas and Israel

Seemingly just prior to major Israeli military action, there is news of an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire between Hamas and Israel. Once more, Hamas pushes Gaza to the brink of all-out war with Israel (in which Gaza would be utterly destroyed), only to have Egypt step in and save the day.

How long can this go on? What are the stipulations of the ceasefire agreement? What should happen the next time a fire kite, incendiary balloon or rocket from Gaza is launched? Those are key questions.

Pray for wisdom and for the evil schemes of Hamas to be thwarted.

Behold Israel

Following 180 rocket attacks from Gaza, ceasefire reportedly reached between Hamas and Israel; IAF confirms it hit over 150 targets in Gaza Strip since Wednesday; IDF: Hamas is responsible and  bears the consequences for the ongoing events.


Reports surfaced of an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire between Hamas and Israel on Thursday night following the recent two-day flare up of rocket attacks.

The Israel Air Force reported that it struck over 150 targets in the Gaza Strip since Wednesday evening when rocket attacks began. It’s strikes targeted “weapons storage, military compounds, training compounds, a building used by Hamas for military purposes, and terror cells.”

Over 180 rockets were fired at Israel with dozens of injuries and damages reported on southern communities in Israel. Around 30 of the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome. Rockets hit Be’er Sheva on Thursday, the first rocket attack on the city since Operation Protective Edge in 2014.


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BREAKING: Israeli Soldier Killed by Hamas at Gaza Border, IDF Retaliates

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IDF strikes deep into Gaza. (AFP PHOTO / BASHAR TALEB)

Praying friends, will you join me this evening in praying for Israel’s military leadership and soldiers, as well as the Palestinian people?

At about 6:00pm tonight (Israel time), conflict occurred at the Israel-Gaza border.  An Israeli soldier was killed by a Hamas sniper, after which the IDF launched attacks on about 60 targets in Gaza before an Egyptian-negotiated ceasefire ended (at least for now) the action between Hamas and Israel.

The Jerusalem Post has published a timeline of events here.

Military experts are suggesting that Hamas is gradually drawing Israel into a more sustained military operation in the Gaza Strip.  Though Hamas undoubtedly knows they cannot win a confrontation with Israel, they continue to show very little regard for the people of Gaza.  They think nothing of using them as human shields, or of putting them in extreme danger.  In fact, the more casualties that occur, the bigger “splash” it will make in the media and the more they can accuse Israel for being the aggressor.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu and top Israeli military leaders have consistently said they will defend Israel’s borders and protect her citizens.

Let’s make this an evening of prayer for wisdom of leaders, safety of soldiers, peace for citizens, and a move of the Holy Spirit upon the hearts and minds of both Jews and Palestinians.  Thanks for praying!

Hamas to Stop Kite and Balloon Attacks…but will it Last?

Hamas has agreed to cease incendiary kite and balloon attacks…but will it last?  Time will tell.

It is estimated that 7,400 acres have burned, and the damage to Israeli fields and crops has topped $1.4 million.  Here is a look at some of the damage:

Hamas has consistently instructed Palestinians in Gaza to launch fire kites and balloons into Israel, which they have been doing for almost 4 months now.  However, pressure from Egypt and the closing of the Kerem Shalom border crossing between Israel and Gaza seem to have brought about a willingness (at least for a time) for Hamas to cease its arson activity.

Routinely, shipments of fuel cross from Israel into Gaza for humanitarian purposes.  However, Israel has chosen to shut off those supplies, while continuing to provide food and medical supplies.  (Who else sends aid to an enemy in the midst of constant attacks?)

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Netanyahu recently visited Sderot in southern Israel, exactly 4 years after IDF soldier Hadar Goldin’s death.  The remains of Goldin and another Israeli casualty have been held by Hamas since their deaths in 2014’s Operation Protective Shield.

During his visit, Netanyahu stated:

“We are in a campaign that entails an exchange of blows and I can tell you that the IDF is ready for any scenario. I was very impressed by what I saw here and I know that like me, every Israeli citizen believes in the IDF and gives it their backing ahead of any possible development.”

Pray for Netanyahu and the Israeli administration as they continue to deal with very difficult circumstances.  May the hand of God continue to protect their soldiers and their people, and may the land produce many-fold more following the recovery of ground that has been burned in the arson attacks.

Pray on, my friends!

What will the US Peace Plan Look Like?

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Hi friends!  Are you like me…anxiously awaiting the unveiling of the US peace plan?  While I believe the peace plan will offer the Palestinians unprecedented resources to better the lives of their people, I will be shocked if they ever agree to a peace plan with Israel.  Why?   Because they don’t want peace with Israel…they want to convince the world of the Jewish “occupation.” That “sells.”  It gives them a degree of legitimacy on the world stage, and garners the sympathy of those who will financially support them.

But the White House is confident they can cut the “deal of all deals” and have some degree of peace in the Middle East. If the Palestinians will not come to the table, how can that be accomplished?

As you know, President Trump made a landmark trip to the Middle East soon after his election.  During that trip, he began to build bridges with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the Emirates, while re-establishing strong ties with Egypt and Jordan.  The past week or so has been full of visits between foreign leaders of those countries and the US and Israel.  They are locking the soon-to-be-announced plan into place.  But how will it differ from the previous attempts at peace?

First, it is not just an Israeli-Palestinian deal.  Trump’s plan is to bring about peaceful coexistence between the aforementioned Arab nations and Israel. For decades, the US has tried to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians, thinking that would spawn opportunities for peace throughout the Middle East.  President Trump turned that idea on its head and is offering a new plan: peace in the broader Middle East, forcing the Palestinians to either come to the negotiating table with a sincere desire for peace, or risk losing its Arab allies in the region.  Indeed, I believe that is at stake for the Palestinians.

Will it be a political deal?  Some (including me) think not.  I believe it will be a business/economic deal, whereby relations will be normalized between those Arab countries and Israel, and they will share in initiatives such as transportation, agriculture, technology, etc.  It is believed the Palestinians will be offered the same working relationships and unprecedented aid in making life better for their people, yet they will not be given Jerusalem as their capital.  They will probably be offered land (perhaps in the Sinai Peninsula), but they will likely decline the deal.  (Currently, they are refusing to even talk to the US negotiating team, and to my knowledge, have not even allowed conversations about peace with Arab countries.)

“The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity!”
~Abba Eban, The Jerusalem Post, 11/18/2002

The plan will force the hand of the Palestinians, who will be left out and without an ally in the region, other than Iran and Turkey.  Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the Emirates, Jordan and Egypt will all enjoy the benefits of collaborative efforts with Israel.

Interestingly, when Ezekiel describes the War of Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38), those nations are NOT described as part of the coalition that comes against Israel!  Thus, we again see the stage being set for the Northern Invasion.

Now…one last thing before we call it a day.  Some are saying, “Well, if President Trump is bringing peace to the Middle East, couldn’t he be the Antichrist?”  No.  While he may be successful in closing a deal, it will not be as Scripture describes.  In our English translations, Daniel 9:27 indicates the Antichrist will “make” or “confirm” a treaty with Israel.  However, in Hebrew, the word means “to intensify, to make spectacular.”  Thus, a peace plan could be in place when the Antichrist comes on the scene, and he will intensify it.  “How,” you ask?  By allowing the Jews to rebuild their temple!  THAT is what will win the Jews over!

Finally, the Bible also says the Antichrist will come from the same region as the empire that destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD.  The United States was not around in 70 AD!  The Antichrist will not come from America!  However, if you read this morning’s post entitled Rise of “Mystery Babylon,” you know exactly from what region the Antichrist will come!  So if you missed it, go back and read it!

We live in very exciting times, don’t we!  We are seeing the Lord bring about the culmination of His plan for the Gentiles, and SOON, we could hear the trumpet sound and be out of here!  Keep your eyes on Israel…God’s time piece.  The final moments are ticking away!