IDF Continues Providing Aid to Syrians in Need

IDF gives urgent treatment to Syria refugees, June 30, 2018.

IDF gives urgent treatment to Syria refugees, June 30, 2018.. (photo credit: IDF SPOKESMAN’S UNIT)

Following initial shipments of humanitarian aid on Thursday night, the IDF provided life-saving treatment in the field, then transported six wounded Syrians to Israeli hospitals earlier today.  Four of the six were children, and their families had been killed in bombardments by the Syrian regime.

According to The Jerusalem Post:

The IDF has been providing life-saving humanitarian assistance to Syrians in the Golan Heights as part of Operation Good Neighbors launched in June 2016, providing among other things 1,524 tons of food, 250 tons of clothes, 947,520 liters of fuel, 21 generators, 24,900 palettes of medical equipment and medicine all while maintaining the principle of non-involvement in the Syrian civil war.

In addition, over 4,800 wounded men, women and children entered the country since 2013. Over 1,300 sick children have been admitted to specialist clinics in Israel since 2016 and some 6,000 patients have been treated in the “Mazor Ladach” field clinic set up by the IDF and run by an international aid organization in the southern Golan Heights since it opened in August 2017.

Israel continues to be the shining light in a very dark region.  Continue to pray God’s blessings upon them.  But also be mindful to pray for the people of Syria who live under an evil, oppressive regime.

As God works out His sovereign plan in that region, enemy opposition rises.  We’re watching the Lord set the stage for what is to come in the end, so let’s diligently be about our Father’s business!

The End of a “Peaceful” Holy Month?


That was one of yesterday’s headlines in The Jerusalem Post.  But let’s examine some facts.

Today is the final day of Ramadan, a month in which Muslims pray and fast in commemoration of the revelation of the Qur’an.  Some insist that Islam is a religion of peace, that Muhammad was a leader of peace and that Ramadan is a peaceful commemoration.

Instead, what we see is this:

  • A “peaceful” border protest (complete with rockets, attempts to tear down parts of the border fence, plans to attack Israeli cities and towns near the Gaza Strip, and the discovery of more terror tunnels) that is now well into its third month.
  • The “peaceful” month of Ramadan, marked by a new-found means of attack: fire kites.
  • “Peaceful” payment to terrorists and their families who kidnap or murder Jews.
  • “Peaceful” speeches by Hamas leaders vowing to rip the hearts out of Israelis.

Now, the Palestinians will “celebrate” the last day of this peaceful month of Ramadan by sending 5,000 fire kites into Israel today!

What’s wrong with that picture?

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
~Isaiah 5:20

Meanwhile, in the UN, another resolution was levied against Israel for using excessive force in their ongoing efforts to contain the barrage of “peaceful” terrorist activities on the Gaza border.  Furthermore, when US Ambassador Nikki Haley proposed a resolution condemning Hamas for their incitement and backing of Palestinian violence toward Israel, it was voted down.  Absolutely ludicrous!

Hear Haley’s defense of her proposed amendment:


Israel is First to Use New F-35 Fighter Jets in Combat


Photo: The F-35, Wikimedia Commons, 2018

Israel purchased F-35 fighter jets from the United States and accepted delivery of the first jets in December 2016.  Earlier today, during the IAF’s International Conference, Israel Air Force Commander Maj.-Gen. Amikam Norkin announced that Israel has become the first to use F-35’s in actual combat.

“We are flying the F-35 all over the Middle East. It has become part of our operational capabilities. We are the first to attack using the F-35 in the Middle East and have already attacked twice on different fronts.”

“Beyond the satisfaction from the Adir’s performance and abilities, the psychological aspect carried a lot of weight too.”
~Maj-Gen Amikam Norkin
“With C4I technology integrated into the Adir, the F-35 is particularly critical to countering Hezbollah’s vast rocket threat through rapid identification and prioritization of targets for the IAF.”  [The jets] “can fly in what we call ‘beast mode,’ carrying up to 18,000 pounds of internal and external ordnance, in a mix that can include 5,000-pound-class weapons.”
~Lockheed Martin chairman, president and CEO Marillyn A. Hewson

Read the story and hear Maj-Gen Norkin’s remarks in this Jerusalem Post article: IAF Commander: Israel First to Use F-35 Jet in Combat.

Iran: Caught with Their Fist in the Cookie Jar

WATCH: Netanyahu unveils secret Iranian nuclear program

Netanyahu spills the beans about Iran’s nuclear plans.  (photo credit: REUTERS/AMIR COHEN)

For years, Israel has shouted to the world that, despite Iran’s denial, they are developing nuclear weapons.  Now, the proof is out.

We don’t know exactly how, but Israeli intelligence got their hands on a reported “half a ton” of materials…documents taken from a top secret vault in Tehran.  If authentic (and so far evidence is mounting that it is), then Israel has their hands on the Iranian “smoking gun” when it comes to their long-denied ambitions of nuclear weapons.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the public a few hours ago and shared the evidence.  Together with last night’s strikes on Iranian positions in Syria, these developments have the potential to be game-changers.

You can see and/or read his speech here.

Again, I exhort every believer in Jesus the Messiah to pray for wisdom.  We have never been closer to fulfillment of certain end time prophecies (such as Isaiah 17:1 and Ezekiel 38-39, among others) as we are now.  Never has there been a more appropriate time to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122, Isaiah 62 and others).  Never have world leaders needed prayer any more than they do right now.

This battle is fought on our knees, and it’s time to don our battle gear and get into the fray.

PS: Wednesday is the Isaiah 62 Prayer Initiative monthly day of prayer.  Stay tuned…I’ll provide specific prayer points.