Yes, They Really Did It!

In one of the worst kept secrets in history, Israel confirmed yesterday that, indeed, it was the Israeli Air Force that took out the Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007.  While Israel is  notorious for neither confirming nor denying military actions, there was really no doubt whose aircraft launched airstrikes on the nuclear facility over 10 years ago.

Want to see what the airstrike looked like?  Here you go:


Also, hear Lt Gen Gadi Eisenkot (Chief of the General Staff on day of the attack) describe the mission:

Update on Ongoing Juniper Cobra Joint Military Exercises


The US and Israel are conducting biennial joint military exercises, known as Juniper Cobra.  The build up started weeks ago and the real action began a few days ago.

The US has deployed at least two naval vessels, 2500 troops, multiple missile defense systems and lots of aircraft to Israel.  Along with those assets, Israel has also deployed the Iron Dome, Arrow and David’s Sling defense systems.  Part of the exercise is coordination of those missile defense systems to “layer” protection of Israel and other US/Israeli interests in the area.

You will find more information, including photos and a video at The Jerusalem Post’s article, US and IDF Troops, In Major Joint Drill, Simulating Battle on Three Fronts.



Opening of US Embassy in Jerusalem to Coincide with Israel’s 70th Birthday!

In one of the most astounding moves of his presidency, President Trump announced in a speech this morning that the US Embassy will move to Jerusalem in May, to coincide with Israel’s 70th birthday!

The move will be a temporary move to the current Consulate General’s location in the Arnona neighborhood.  Plans for a more permanent embassy building are still in the works.

The story is developing, but you can read more info at:

Pray for wisdom for our leaders and those around the world.  This will almost assuredly cause an uproar in certain Islamic nations.

TODAY: Iran Unveils New Ballistic Missiles

In a ceremony earlier today, celebrating the 39th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, Iran unveiled new ballistic missiles.  One long-range missile is capable of reaching Israel from Iran, and the other short-range missile is being supplied to Hamas and Hezbollah on Israel’s borders.

The Jerusalem Post carried the article and a short video describing the rockets.  You will find them here.

Continue to pray, my friends.  Things don’t appear to be improving in the Middle East…they appear to be coming together exactly as the Bible said they would.