Will the US Purchase Israeli Iron Dome Missile Systems?

On August 23, at the White Sands Missile Range in the white sands of New Mexico, the US carried out successful test-firing of Israeli’s Iron Dome. It has long been thought the US would purchase those systems to add to their missile defense arsenal. However, immediately following those tests, The Jerusalem Post (and others) reported that the US will not purchase the Iron Dome, opting instead for Enduring Shield.

Considered a significant setback to Israel’s Defense Ministry and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, it remains to be seen whether this is simply a matter of choosing the most effective missile defense system, or if it is signs of more things to come. Read the story here, then make up your own mind.

Most of us are hoping the US alliance with Israel is not slipping away, but the more we see America walking away from our greatest ally in the Middle East, and the more “distance” beginning to appear in cooperative efforts such as this, the less confidence we have in America’s ability and willingness to stand with Israel.

Continue to pray for American and Israeli leadership. It is more important now than ever.

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