A Veteran Responds to the Loss of 13 Marines in Kabul, Bennett’s Visit with Biden Postponed

“Did you hear the news?”

The answer and aftermath to that question broke my heart. I work with a US Army veteran who served in Afghanistan, and when we crossed paths yesterday morning and he uttered that question, I was hardly prepared for the heartbreak I felt in hearing the news that 12 (at the time) US Marines were killed in an explosion in Kabul.

It is unfathomable that the greatest military force on the planet must sit subdued like sitting ducks inside a very difficult-to-defend civilian airport. All for an evacuation mission that should never have been necessary. Just a few days ago that Army veteran had shared with me his thoughts regarding his service in Afghanistan, the loss of brothers in arms, and the mindset of combat vets now seeing the mission for which they risked their lives go right down the tubes. Honorably, there was sadness, but no apparent anger. Then, he voiced a stunning comment that will always stick with me: “I don’t know a single soldier who wouldn’t go right back into the battle if necessary for the freedom of America.”

For the most part, that is what the American military is made of. Unfortunately, the top brass at the Pentagon is more interested in wokeness than in protecting American life and liberty. Please pray for US military leadership whose clear thinking is now more vital than ever. Pray, also, for our men and women in uniform, and those who have served. Some are grieving, some continue to serve, and most veterans have the same love and devotion to America that my co-worker has.

Because of the events of the day, the scheduled Thursday meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Joe Biden was postponed to today. There are critical issues to be addressed by Bennett and Biden. May both be clear-headed, and may the grace of God guide their discussion as they focus on the Iranian threat, the advancement of terror in Afghanistan and the region, COVID and other vital issues of mutual interest.

After only a few months in their respective positions, the world has become a different place. These times and circumstances require supernatural wisdom from on high. Let’s pray they seek that!

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