Iranian General Threatens Destruction of Israel

“We’re ready for the decisive war that will bring about Israel’s disappearance from the earth. Our young airmen are prepared for the day when Israel will be destroyed.”

~ Brig. Gen. Aziz Nasirzadeh

Throughout history, Iranian leaders (and others) have threatened Israel’s existence. Such is the case today as well. However, they fail to know God’s everlasting promise to Israel.

Just a couple days ago, Iranian forces launched a missile into the Israeli Golan Heights. Not only did the Iron Dome take out that missile, but the Israeli Air Force launched retaliatory strikes on Iranian positions near Damascus. Despite contradictory reports out of Russia and some Arab news outlets, Israeli missiles hit and destroyed their intended targets.

Yet still, Iranian leaders are defiant, continuing to spew threats of Israel’s demise.

Aren’t you glad our God is a promise-keeping God! In light of Iranian threats, Amir Tsarfati shares God’s promise regarding Israel, and encouragement to us as believers, as we witness prophecy finding its fulfilled in our lifetime. Enjoy!

Watch the IDF Strike Back Following 30 Hamas Rocket Attacks Overnight into Saturday

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Israel strikes back after Hamas rocket attack from Gaza

Overnight Hamas and Islamic Jihad launched at least 30 rockets into southern Israel.  In retaliation, the IAF struck 80 military targets inside Gaza, including Hamas’ headquarters.  Prior to the airstrike on HQ, Israel warned residents to evacuate the 4-story building.  Also hit were advanced weapons production facilities, five military compounds used by Hamas and other terrorist organizations, Hamas outposts and at least one terror tunnel opening.

This Jerusalem Post article contains raw footage of the IAF attack on Hamas HQ.

The IDF said that the Hamas terror organization “bears the responsibility to all that is taking place in the Gaza Strip” and that the IDF is “determined to carry out its mission to protect the citizens of Israel.”
~Jerusalem Post, 10/27/2018

According to the IDF, it is believed the Hamas attacks were directed by Iran and Syria.

As always, please pray for those in southern Israel and around the Gaza border.  While Hamas is not a threat to Israel’s existence, the barrage of rockets brings tremendous stress upon those living in areas impacted by such terror.  Thankfully, Israel’s Iron Dome takes out most incoming rockets, but, as you can imagine, the sound of sirens is tremendously stressful when you know you have only seconds to find shelter in the event the Iron Dome is unable to destroy enemy rockets.

Please pray for safety of citizens, wisdom as the IDF deals with the situation, the innocent citizens in Gaza who face retaliatory strikes, and for the Spirit of the Lord to stir in both Israel and Gaza.

Update from Gaza Border

Lt Col Jonathan is an IDF spokesperson, often providing updates regarding IDF activity.  Here is his latest update from the Gaza border, where Hamas has launched over 150 rockets into Israel over the past two days:


There are other reports of troop and equipment movement on Israeli bases.  In addition to airstrikes that have been carried out, it appears the IDF may be preparing for further action.  Let’s pray for wisdom of those planning military exercises, for safety of IDF soldiers and safety for the innocent people in the Gaza Strip.

What is a Palestinian Rocket Attack Like?

iron dome

Iron Dome launches an interceptor missile. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Red AlertsOver 150 Palestinian rockets have been launched toward southern Israel over the past couple days.  Some were shot down by Israel’s Iron Dome defense system, but thankfully, most fell in open territory.

Fortunately, I am not aware of any Israeli casualties, though there have been casualties in Gaza as a result of IDF strikes on multiple military targets.  It is believed the son of a senior Hamas commander was killed in one of the airstrikes.

You can follow live updates of the events in Gaza here.

On Wednesday, Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum tweeted: “We are delivering on our promise. The resistance accepted the responsibility to even the playing field with the enemy and it is succeeding in doing so.”  

Two things to know about the activity near the Gaza border.  First, neither Hamas nor the Palestinians in Gaza pose much of a national threat to Israel.  The IDF is far better equipped and capable than the Hamas military wing, and, if desired, Israel could wipe out the Gaza Strip in minutes.  Hamas is confident Israel will not do that, thus they take advantage of opportunities to terrorize Israel.

Secondly, though Israel is not threatened nationally, the terror endured by Israelis near the Gaza Strip is very real.  Most of us cannot imagine being under threat of rockets, fire kites, incendiary balloons, terror tunnels and just sheer terrorism from those who vow to wipe them out.  Here is live footage posted by the IDF:


This scenario plays out in various forms in dozens of cities near the Gaza Strip.  It is our responsibility to pray for those in need.  Why not take a moment right now to pray for those living in targeted areas.  Pray, also, for the Lord to thwart the plans of Hamas and others who devise evil plans, intent on destroying the Jewish people.