Update from Gaza Border

Lt Col Jonathan is an IDF spokesperson, often providing updates regarding IDF activity.  Here is his latest update from the Gaza border, where Hamas has launched over 150 rockets into Israel over the past two days:


There are other reports of troop and equipment movement on Israeli bases.  In addition to airstrikes that have been carried out, it appears the IDF may be preparing for further action.  Let’s pray for wisdom of those planning military exercises, for safety of IDF soldiers and safety for the innocent people in the Gaza Strip.

What is a Palestinian Rocket Attack Like?

iron dome

Iron Dome launches an interceptor missile. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Red AlertsOver 150 Palestinian rockets have been launched toward southern Israel over the past couple days.  Some were shot down by Israel’s Iron Dome defense system, but thankfully, most fell in open territory.

Fortunately, I am not aware of any Israeli casualties, though there have been casualties in Gaza as a result of IDF strikes on multiple military targets.  It is believed the son of a senior Hamas commander was killed in one of the airstrikes.

You can follow live updates of the events in Gaza here.

On Wednesday, Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum tweeted: “We are delivering on our promise. The resistance accepted the responsibility to even the playing field with the enemy and it is succeeding in doing so.”  

Two things to know about the activity near the Gaza border.  First, neither Hamas nor the Palestinians in Gaza pose much of a national threat to Israel.  The IDF is far better equipped and capable than the Hamas military wing, and, if desired, Israel could wipe out the Gaza Strip in minutes.  Hamas is confident Israel will not do that, thus they take advantage of opportunities to terrorize Israel.

Secondly, though Israel is not threatened nationally, the terror endured by Israelis near the Gaza Strip is very real.  Most of us cannot imagine being under threat of rockets, fire kites, incendiary balloons, terror tunnels and just sheer terrorism from those who vow to wipe them out.  Here is live footage posted by the IDF:


This scenario plays out in various forms in dozens of cities near the Gaza Strip.  It is our responsibility to pray for those in need.  Why not take a moment right now to pray for those living in targeted areas.  Pray, also, for the Lord to thwart the plans of Hamas and others who devise evil plans, intent on destroying the Jewish people.

Two Distinctly Different Tales of Gaza

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Wow…I was struck by two very interesting, but polar opposite perspectives of Gaza recently.  Let’s start with the Hamas-directed, Iranian-supported rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel earlier this week.

You have undoubtedly heard the news of the multiple barrages, totaling about 100 rockets fired in a 36-hour period.  But take a look at the graphic above to get a clear sense of the number of launch areas utilized this week, as well as the number of Israeli towns and villages that were fired upon.  Imagine living in those towns and having 15 seconds to get to a bomb shelter.

Thankfully, the Iron Dome shot down the majority of Palestinian rockets, while others landed in open areas.  Some did not make it beyond Gazan borders before hitting their own power lines, knocking out power to parts of the Gaza Strip.  After taking care of business – ie, bombing terrorist launch sites, headquarters, weapon storage facilities, etc – the IDF also took care of humanitarian business by repairing the power lines in Gaza that were damaged by Hamas rockets!  Unbelievable!

Meanwhile, the UN refused to condemn Gaza and/or Hamas for provocatively firing rockets and mortars at innocent Israeli citizens!  Imagine the outrage had it happened the other way around!  Such double standards!

So, from the bitter to the sweet…

I learned something new…and it is wonderful news!  One for Israel has been proclaiming the Gospel to Palestinians and, well….you just need to hear it for yourself!


So, before you give up all hope that God is able to do miracles, even in the hearts and minds of those who oppose Israel, think of the Gazan people who are hearing the Gospel and coming to know Yeshua (Jesus)!

Today…right now…will you join me in praying for the people of Gaza?  They live in tyranny and are brainwashed by an evil regime hell-bent on keeping hatred alive and violence at the forefront.  Elementary-age children are being indoctrinated with jihadist ideology, thus, they grow up desiring to kill Jews.  Pray for the evil schemes to be thwarted and the children to be set free to live innocent, playful lives.

Our God is alive and the Spirit is moving in the midst of Muslims in the Middle East!  Let’s get behind that move and pray like there is no tomorrow!  For many who live in Gaza, there isn’t!

IDF Responds to Largest Rocket Barrage Out of Gaza Since 2014

Sirens Gaza May 29

Location of Sirens Activated on May 29, 2018

Almost 100 rockets were fired by Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists into Israel earlier today, making this the largest rocket attack on Israel since 2014.  Most were shot down by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system and some fell in open areas.  Israel immediately responded by taking out 35 targets, including the 11th terror tunnel destroyed this year, at least seven military compounds, weapons storage sites, naval targets and military headquarters.

“This is a serious, dangerous and planned terrorist attack against civilians and children. Palestinian Islamic Jihad organization is a terrorist organization that is based on Iranian ideology and funding, and today it used Iranian-made weapons.”

“The IDF views the attack this morning harshly and holds Hamas responsible for everything happening in and out of Gaza.  The IDF will not allow harm to the security of the citizens of Israel or to its sovereignty and will continue to act resolutely against terrorism of any kind.”

“The situation in which a terrorist organization fires into Israeli communities is unacceptable.  Since noon, we have been operating throughout the Gaza Strip in a series of attacks that has not been done since Operation Protective Edge” (in 2014).
~IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis

Hamas and Islamic Jihad have both claimed responsibility, IJ calling it a “blessed response… our people’s blood is not cheap.”  A Hamas official said, “Israel will fail in its attempt to change the rules of the conflict and establish a new equation on the ground. The resistance in Gaza reserves the right to respond and to remain silent in accordance with the interests of our people, and this is not due to weakness.”

Meanwhile, Israel continues to vows to take whatever action necessary to protect its citizens and its borders.  Unbelievably, Israel lives in security due to the Lord’s hand of protection and the capability of the IDF.

Continue to pray for vigilance, resolve and wisdom for IDF commanders and government leaders.