Biden, Bennett too “Wobbly” to Lead? Caroline Glick Thinks So.

In an article worth reading, Caroline Glick, an American-Israeli, shares key observations suggesting new American and Israeli leaders may be too wobbly to lead effectively. The two met in the Oval Office on Friday. Check out Caroline Glick’s opinion piece here:

BTW – based on photos of the meeting (including the one above), some speculate whether or not Joe Biden remained awake during the entire meeting with Israel’s Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett. Regardless, neither (particularly Biden) exhibited great strength or commanded great respect often exhibited in Oval Office meetings. The US continues to be disgraced by poor leadership, perhaps indirectly fulfilling prophecy, as America dwindles as a major player during the last days. Though sad and disappointing to most of us, be reminded that God’s Word…and every prophecy…will faithfully fulfill God’s purposes.

Over the next few days, we will focus on Bible prophecy, so stick around!

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