Netanyahu to Face Major Challenges in His Return to Prime Minister’s Office

Benjamin Netanyahu is among the most fascinating statesmen of all time, and yesterday we took a look at Who is Benjamin Netanyahu? When God set aside the nation of Israel, He did not make it easy for their leaders during ancient or modern times. Time-after-time, in Israel’s rebellion toward God, He has used Israel’s natural enemies, as well as sin’s consequences, to correct and discipline a stiff-necked people. (Moses’ words, not mine! See Exodus 32-33 and Deuteronomy 9.) Sadly, sometimes even Israel’s allies turn their back on them, and we are likely watching that play out as well.

No nation has been a stronger ally since Israel’s rebirth than America. But disgustingly, even America seems to be steadily turning away from Israel, and more concerning is the fact that the US wants to dictate Israel’s every move, including moves that will absolutely jeopardize the safety and security of the Jewish state. Just last week, The Jerusalem Post released an article entitled, US to Netanyahu: Appoint defense, public security ministers we can work with.

In fear of Netanyahu appointing hawks in positions of defense and public security, a report regarding the US administration says:

As coalition negotiations continue, the US government told Netanyahu to carefully consider his appointments to the defense and public security ministries. Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu should appoint politicians that the US government can work with to the roles of defense minister and public security minister….In order for the security cooperation between Israel and the US to succeed Israel needs to carefully consider who will be appointed to those positions, the Biden administration told Netanyahu, according to the Ynet report.

~The Jerusalem Post, accessed 11/20/2022

That is not the only instance of the current US administration meddling in Israel’s affairs. On November 16, Jewish News Syndicate featured columnist, Caroline Glick, wrote The Biden administration weaponizes the FBI against Israel. In a lengthy and detailed column, Glick claimed that the Biden administration is feeding Israel to the wolves. She goes on to lay out the scenario in which the US FBI has opened an investigation into the death of Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Akleh, who was covering a raid by Israel’s Defense Forces on an Iranian-controlled Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization following aggressive actions by that group. Abu Akleh was embedded with the terror group and was killed in a gun battle. Evidence brought forth is shaky and the Palestinians have not been forthcoming with evidence that would confirm who fired the bullet that struck the journalist.

Question is: Why is the US sticking their nose into an investigation that should be handled by the Palestinians and the IDF? The IDF immediately launched an investigation and the Palestinians have dragged their feet. There is no need for the US to interfere, particularly since we have plenty of other messes that should be occupying FBI time and manpower.

Yet, these are the times and seasons in which we live! Netanyahu will not inherit a steady premiership, but one fraught with challenges. Sad to say, the US will be part of the challenge he faces.

As a result, Netanyahu comes back into power with strong resolve. While I do not agree with every decision Netanyahu makes, or even his demeanor at times, he does show resolve, and he does command respect on the world stage. Obviously, the primary focus is on Iran. You can determine what you agree and disagree with, but here is an inside look at what Netanyahu may be considering as he enters office for a third time:

Challenges indeed! Netanyahu is the only current Israeli leader with the experience and fortitude to lead Israel in such a time as this. Will he make the right decisions? Only time will tell, but our job is to stand as watchmen on the wall for Israel, praying without ceasing. (Isaiah 62:6-7) Signs of the times are all around us!

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