Why was Israel’s IDF Chief of Staff Recently in Washington DC?

Last week, Israeli IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi made a trip to Washington DC. What was Israel’s top military official doing in DC?

Kochavi met with US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and other top officials to discuss Iran’s recent announcement that they are enriching uranium to 60% levels. Less than two years ago, the Iranians were repeating the narrative that their nuclear program was for domestic purposes only. Certainly, they had no plans to develop nuclear weapons.

Yeah right! Now they are full speed ahead, boldly announcing to the world they are enriching uranium to 60% levels, much higher than any use for domestic purposes. The regime has all but said straight up that they are motoring toward nuclear weapons at breakneck speed. (Israeli intelligence believes they may already have the material for 5-6 bombs.)

Two years and a different American administration ago, Iran was bottled up, crippled by dramatic sanctions imposed by the Trump administration, and begging to be freed from suffocating actions targeting top Iranian officials. They did not dare test America’s resolve, so efforts were severely curtailed.

Now, emboldened by a weak US administration who actually wants to cut a deal with them, Iranian officials are strutting their stuff in the face of America, without any consequences.

Thus, Kochavi’s visit to the White House, where Sullivan rattled off the empty promise that America is committed to ensuring Iran “never acquires” a nuclear weapon. The reality, according to former Israeli ambassador to the US, Ron Dermer, is that the Biden administration “does not have a policy to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. They have a policy to contain a nuclear Iran.” (All Israel News, accessed 11/24/2022)

How does Sullivan’s promise square with Biden’s swift and damaging release of sanctions on Iran that were so successful in keeping Iran in check? How does it square with the fact that Biden himself has begged Iran and others in the area to produce more oil and gas? Isn’t that what the sanctions were meant to prevent? (In order to drive Iran’s economy down.)

Israel’s security is at stake, and Jake Sullivan insists on reciting promises the administration will never uphold.

If that’s not enough, the White House recently sent U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Israeli-Palestinian Affairs Hady Amr to Israel to pressure Israeli leaders to strengthen the Palestinian Authority that is in jeopardy of collapsing. Meanwhile the PA is ramping up targeted terrorist attacks against Israelis! What would be in Israel’s best interest to strengthen the PA?

Mark these words: before Joe Biden leaves office, he will press hard to cut a deal with Iran, and he will attempt to negotiate a “two-state solution” between Israel and the Palestinians. Let’s pray he succeeds at neither of those initiatives.

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