What do Palestinians do Following a Terrorist Attack?

Dear friends, there is nothing more disgusting than this. Recently, Palestinians pulled off a terrorist attack that killed at least two young Jewish men on their way to Yeshiva (religious school). Not only did the UN and other “peace-making” organizations say nothing following the attacks, but they also turned a blind eye to what goes on following a Palestinian terrorist attack on innocent Jewish people.

What goes on, you ask? Take a look:

Yes, you see that correctly. Following terrorist attacks against Israelis, Palestinians celebrate by handing out candy.

It is definitely disgusting, but the disgust expands even further. Consider this: The Biden administration is in favor of re-kindling negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians to push forward the failed “two-state solution.” There are many who believe Israel should give up rights to the land of Israel occupied by Palestinians. While mainstream media accuses Israel of being the “occupier,” history (both Biblical and modern-day) lay out clear evidence that Israel is the legal owner of all of Israel, including the West Bank and Gaza Strip, often claimed as Palestinian land.

So, the question: Why on earth should Israel even consider sitting down to negotiate with the Palestinians who not only want them dead, but celebrate when they are successful in taking Jewish lives? Israel has a right to stand up for herself, regardless of what the Biden administration or anyone else says!

Please pray that leadership in America will turn our country back to its Christian roots, including honoring, respecting and blessing the God-given homeland of the Jewish people. Oh, how we need to invite God back into our nation. Is it a daily petition in your prayer life? If not, why not make it one? It is Biblical, and the Lord will bless you for it!

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