The Fig Tree is Blooming…Do You See It?

Friends, the Bible has much to say about those who see the fig tree bloom. What is the fig tree, you ask? It was the rebirth of Israel in 1948. Often in Scripture, Israel is referred to as an olive tree (their spiritual heritage) and a fig tree (their national heritage).

The nation of Israel…the fig tree…began to blossom in 1948, and in the years since, Israel has been transformed from a barren wasteland to an incredibly vibrant fertile land, an economic success and a world power. But did you know the Bible predicted it? And did you know there is special blessing to those who SEE it? Those who do will not pass away!

Here is a short clip that will encourage you, but if you want “the rest of the story,” carve out an hour this weekend and check out the full teaching entitled, The Fullness of the Gentiles. You will be blessed!

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