Who is Benjamin Netanyahu?

Following his recent re-election as the next Israeli leader tasked with forming a government, Benjamin Netanyahu is making many appearances on US television, presumably to promote his new book, Bibi: My Story, though he certainly is making known his position on Iran’s nuclear ambition as well.

Netanyahu served as Israeli Prime Minister for 15 years (1996-1999, 2009-2021) before being forced out by a strong “Anyone but Bibi” push in successive elections beginning in 2021. Israel then elected one of the most radical governments (led by Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid) in their history and watched as the nation slid from respectability on the world stage. Netanyahu, the consummate statesman often compared to Winston Churchill in prowess, managed to lead his party (Likud) to victory in the recent Israeli elections, and he is now poised to form the next government and re-take his position as Prime Minister of Israel. His focus: stop Iran’s progress toward nuclear power.

But who is Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu. From war hero to statesman, Netanyahu is a complicated man. He lays out his story in his own words in his book (on my “to read” list), but also gave an intriguing interview during a sit down with Mark Levin. Here is that interview:

Intriguing, right? Check back tomorrow when we’ll also discover the challenges that lie ahead for Netanyahu. There are many, and one major challenge involves the US. See you tomorrow!

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