What can the US do Amidst Mounting Threats to Israel?

Yesterday we talked about a very key communication from Congress to President Obama regarding standing strong with Israel against the underhanded attempts by the Palestinians to use the UN to unilaterally declare statehood.  That, of course, would leave Israel in an even greater security predicament than they are in right now!  With the threat of a nuclear Iran (don’t be fooled by the Nuclear Agreement…Iran is actively utilizing the loopholes there to become a nuclear power); Iranian-backed Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Taliban; and the threat of spillover by ISIS and other terrorist groups from Syria, Israel faces unprecedented security challenges.

To help you understand the depth of these challenges, I refer you to these fact sheets produced by AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee):

This is vital information of which to be aware as you pray for Israel, and for our own country.  It is important to understand that there are many threats facing Israel today.  However, from a Biblical standpoint, I’m not sure there is one any greater than Iran.  Not only does their leadership sense a call by Allah to bring about chaos that will usher in the Islamic “messiah,” but they have absolutely no regard for human life.  What’s more, they consider Israel the “little Satan,” while they set their sights on the “great Satan”…the United States of America.  Friends, if Israel is not safe, America is not safe.

So, why is this a Biblical issue?  Several reasons, including:

  • The promise that those who bless Israel will be blessed, while those who curse Israel will be cursed.  (Genesis 12:3)
  • Those who participate in dividing up the land of Israel (which will occur if the US and other do not stand firm against the unilateral takeover of territory by the Palestinians) will be called into judgement by God.  (Joel 3:2)
  • Ezekiel 38-39 clearly tells us that Iran will be a major player in an end time event known as the Northern Invasion.  Are we seeing the groundwork being laid for that event?

So, check out the fact sheets above, then view today’s events through the lens of Scripture to understand the Biblical significance of what we see in our world today.

Pray, pray, pray, my friends!

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