Israeli Technology Makes America Safer

An illustration of the Trophy active protection system. (Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.)

While it is true that America supplies Israel with F-35 fighter jets and other military equipment, did you know that Israel supplies the US with some of the most advanced technology on the planet in order to keep America and our allies safe?

It’s true.  America benefits greatly from technology developed by Israelis.  Find out about some of that technology here:

Eight Examples of Israeli Technology Making America Safer

Senate Passes Defense Bill with Important Pro-Israel Provisions

AIPAC has announced that the US Senate has passed the National Defense Authorization Act that includes over $500 million in provision to Israel in accordance with the US-Israel Memorandum of Understanding.

See AIPAC’s Press Release here.

Praise God for men and women in Congress who stand for and support Israel.  Please pray for wisdom as our nation’s leaders consider important decisions every single day.  As tension grows, ask the Lord to send guardian angels to fend off the evil intent of the enemy to sow discord and strife within our halls of government.

AIPAC’s Near East Report – May 2018

If you are unfamiliar with AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), I want to give you a very brief overview.  AIPAC is the world’s largest public policy and lobbying group on behalf of Israel’s interests.  I don’t know how many total members belong to AIPAC, but I can tell you that well over 15,000 attend their annual conference in Washington DC.  Israel supporters from every US state gather to discuss policy, listen to world-renown experts on various topics related to Israel, and lobby Congress on the most important issues regarding Israel.  For example, AIPAC took a strong stand against the Iranian nuclear deal and a strong stand for moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

AIPAC is not a Christian organization.  In fact, it is very diverse and bipartisan.  Both Democrats and Republicans, male and female, liberal and conservative work together on policies most advantageous to the security and well being of Israel.  There are various caucuses (such as a strong Christian caucus) who meet together to discuss their own perspectives of the issues.

With that as the backdrop, I can tell you that AIPAC is very informative when it comes to reporting on what takes place in the Middle East, and they typically have views and policies that resonate well with Israel supporters of all sorts.  (Not always, but for the most part!)

They recently published their latest Near East Report and I recommend it for those of you who like to be “in the know” about what’s going on in the Middle East.  Enjoy!

Guatemala’s Embassy becomes First to Move to Jerusalem

Image result for guatemalan embassy in Jerusalem

Though not yet an official embassy opening, the Guatemalan mission became the first to open and raise its flag in Jerusalem on Tuesday.  Guatemala’s President Jimmy Morales, an avid supporter of Israel, made this announcement at the AIPAC Policy Conference in March:

“In May of this year we will celebrate Israel’s 70th anniversary, and under my instructions two days after the U.S. will move its embassy, Guatemala will return and permanently move its embassy to Jerusalem. This decision strongly evidences Guatemala’s continued support of Israel, and we are sure that many other countries will follow in our steps.  I would like to thank President Trump for leading the way.  His courageous decision has encouraged us to do what is right.”

Morales wasted little time!

In response, Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted:

“I was moved to see the flag of Guatemala waving in Jerusalem in advance of the opening of the Guatemalan embassy later this month. Dear friends, welcome back to our eternal capital!”

Following the US Embassy’s move on May 14, the Czech Republic, Honduras, Paraguay and Romania (in addition to Guatemala) are all expected to open their embassies in short order.  Tanzania also just announced the opening of their first Israeli embassy in Jerusalem.  More are sure to follow!

All nations whom You have made shall come and worship before You, O Lord,
And they shall glorify Your name.
~Psalm 86:9

“Thus says the Lord of hosts, ‘It will yet be that peoples will come, even the inhabitants of many cities. The inhabitants of one will go to another, saying, “Let us go at once to entreat the favor of the Lord, and to seek the Lord of hosts; I will also go.”  So many peoples and mighty nations will come to seek the Lord of hosts in Jerusalem and to entreat the favor of the Lord.’”
~Zechariah 8:20-22

Indeed, may many “come to seek the Lord of hosts in Jerusalem and to entreat the favor of the Lord!”