How Do Jews Retaliate when Threatened with Extinction? They Survive…and Multiply!

Hi friends!  I have a very heartwarming story to share today.  In December 2015 I was especially blessed to be invited to participate in a Christian Leaders Seminar at the Yad Vashem Museum and School for International Studies.  It was an incredible experience, but one thing made it even more special than any other.

A pastor in our class happened to be the son of Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds.  As we arrived for the seminar, that name meant little to most of us.  However, by the end of that 8-day seminar, we discovered just what a hero Roddie Edmonds was!  An incredible human being, he saved the lives of 200 Jews during WWII. That classmate, Chris Edmonds, shared the heroic story of his father, and while there at Yad Vashem for the seminar, got word his father was named Righteous Among the Nations, Israel’s highest honor granted to non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust.

In March 2016, Chris was invited to share his father’s story before an enthusiastic crowd of 18,000 at the annual AIPAC Conference.  (You can see that video here.)

Recently, The Jewish Foundation of the Righteous produced a video, featuring Chris’ journey to Germany where his father commanded a unit of men captured by Nazi forces, then stood firm in protecting Jewish soldiers under his command.  Four of Edmonds’ men (all Jewish) tell the story, and it’s well worth seeing!  In the end, you see their revenge to the Nazis who hoped to wipe them out: they lived (thanks to Master Sergeant Edmonds) and multiplied!




Israeli Intelligence Officer Gives a Brief regarding Israel’s Northern Border

Lt Col (Ret) Sarit Zehavi at AIPAC

It is simply astounding that Israelis go on with life, despite real and imminent danger right in their backyard!  Israelis put tremendous trust in the IDF and their ability to contain threats, but make no mistake: the threats are very real and present.

Last month, Lt Col (Ret) Sarit Zehavi gave a current briefing to AIPAC Conference attendees of the situation in Lebanon and Syria.  Lt Col Zehavi is a retired IDF intelligence officer who spent 15 years keeping Israel’s northern borders secure.  Complete with very clear pictures diagramming the position of enemy forces, Zehavi explains how Hezbollah, Syrian forces, rebel forces and the Iranian military are each positioned just across the border with Israel.

This fascinating and very informative talk will bring clarity to the threat posed by the radical groups amassed to Israel’s north.  So, sit down, relax and take in the 13-minute briefing.

Israel’s Northern Border

US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, to AIPAC: “The US is at its Strongest when We Stand with Israel!”

If you have never heard David Friedman speak, you will find him to be far from “rah-rah,” but yet very principled and profound.  The US Ambassador to Israel comes across as wise, steadfast and contemplative.  You won’t hear him raise his voice to make major points of a speech, but rather (if like me) you will find yourself listening intently to what he has to say.

Like other dignitaries who have addressed AIPAC over the past couple days, he proudly proclaims the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and he seems to stand proudly that he is the Ambassador who will inhabit the new embassy in Jerusalem!

His speech to AIPAC was calm and measured, portraying the right type of personality of one who sits in high-stakes negotiations on behalf of America and in support of Israel.  He also speaks of Biblical principles, on which America was founded, and on which he stakes his decisions.  I encourage you to watch his 20-minute speech and listen intently to hear this servant’s resolve to carry out his duties as Ambassador with dignity and honor.

See Ambassador Friedman’s and all the AIPAC speeches here.

Benjamin Netanyahu to Mahmoud Abbas: “Stop Paying Terrorists!”

The AIPAC Policy Conference was graced with the presence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who enthusiastically moved around the stage touting Israeli successes over the past few years and how those successes are benefiting the entire world.  He also issued warnings to terrorists, before commenting on the deeply committed relationship between Israel and the US.  As is common in Netanyahu speeches, he also referenced Scripture!

You can watch his entire 32-minute speech here: