Abraham Accords: One Year Later

“Experts” said it couldn’t be done! Yet a year ago, Israel signed peace agreements with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain. That was followed by additional peace agreements with Morocco and Sudan and degrees of “normalization” (though minus official peace agreements) with other moderate Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia. The deals were brokered by then US President Donald Trump and his Middle East negotiating team.

Yesterday afternoon, we highlighted how it all took place, but what has occurred as a result of the agreements? Thanks to graphics by AIPAC, we can see that many things have come of them, including:

The Abraham Accords are proving to be a benefit to all parties and each is moving forward in cooperative efforts with one another. Will it last? Interestingly, all except Sudan seem to be mentioned in Ezekiel 38 as regions who will NOT participate in the invasion led by Russia, Iran and Turkey. Instead, they will stand back while Israel is attacked, questioning the motives of the invaders. Read up on Ezekiel 38

BTW – though deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize for the work they did in negotiating the Abraham Accords, neither the administration in Israel nor the current American one is willing to give credit to former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or former US President Donald Trump. Instead, the new Israeli government is quite satisfied to take advantage of photo ops and garner credit for the cooperation between Israel and her moderate Arab allies.

Remember, it was Obama’s Secretary of State (John Kerry) who adamantly stated, “No, no, no, no!” when asked if such agreements could ever be reached. Now the same cast of players wants credit for it! The American and Israeli people can see right through their phony administrations. Let’s hope we all do!

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