What Pushed the Abraham Accords Across the Finish Line?

With all the bad news swirling today, how about some good news! My what a difference a year makes! At this time last year, we were celebrating one of the most incredible things in modern history.

In so many ways, the world was shocked in mid-April of 2020 when Israel and the UAE announced a peace agreement, brokered by the US Trump administration. Well known diplomats, such as former Secretary of State John Kerry, said it absolutely could not be done, and that America was crazy to try to negotiate such a deal.

Yet, it happened! But how? Political insider and Christian diplomate, Joel Rosenberg, gained insight by conducting interviews with key team members of the nations involved and he explains how the historic agreement reached its fulfillment. True, the thought of peace prizes at the moment makes it seem so far inconceivable that it is laughable…and it probably is totally inconceivable. But it is a fascinating account! Enjoy!

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