How Much do You Know about Israeli Security?

Ok, it’s not an exhaustive test, but AIPAC has put together an informative quiz to help you understand the security crisis Israel faces day in and day out.  Here’s the quiz, but don’t worry…you won’t be graded!

Meanwhile, as you know a major part of the recent AIPAC Policy Conference centered around lobbying Congress on three specific points regarding Israel.  One point had to do with supporting bilateral negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, rather than allowing the Palestinians to make a unilateral declaration of statehood via the UN.  I’m happy to say that my Senators (John McCain and Jeff Flake), as well as my House Representative (David Schweikert) were already on board with the stance in which we were lobbying.  However, today I’m happy to tell you that virtually every member of the House, Republicans and Democrats alike (including every Representative from my home state of Arizona!), signed a letter to President Obama, urging him to take the same stance!  Here is a copy of the letter…see if you can identify your Representative!

Want to know what the other two points are that we discussed with our Congressmen?  Check out Lobbying Congress at AIPAC!

UPDATE: I just learned that 83 members of the Senate sent a bipartisan letter to President Obama advocating for expansion of American security support of Israel…another of the three points in which we lobbied Congress!  See that letter here.

Finally, I want to alert you to a very informative fact sheet on the Pursuit of Peace in the Middle East.   I hope you will use these resources to better educate yourself regarding the situation in which Israel finds herself in the midst of a very tough neighborhood.

Tomorrow I’ll share a bit more about Israel’s security and the need for America to stand with her!


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