US to Purchase Heavy Water from Iran

Heavy water: water in which the hydrogen in the molecules is partly or wholly replaced by the isotope deuterium, used especially as a moderator in nuclear reactors.

Ok, if you are like me, you just read that and went, “Huh!?!?”  Suffice it to say that “heavy water” is used in the production of nuclear energy…whether “safe” energy, or nuclear bombs.  The bottom line is that, according to Reuters (and others), the United States just agreed to purchase 32 metric tons of heavy water from Iran’s nuclear program.

But why?  That’s even more baffling than the definition of “heavy water!”  What in the world does the US need with 32 metric tons of heavy water (which it can produce on its own), and why on earth would we purchase it from Iran…the very country in which we are supposedly trying to convince to play nicely in the global playpen?

Furthermore, where do you suppose the $8.6 million the US is paying Iran will go?  My guess: directly to support terror, or to continued Iranian efforts to develop nuclear capabilities with the intent to destroy Israel (“little Satan”), then the US (“great Satan”).  If you think this is a good idea, please stand on your head!

No news is shocking any more, but if that particular news isn’t enough, Reuters is also reporting that Russia is now in the hunt to purchase Iranian heavy water as well.  Given the Bible clearly teaches us that Russia and Iran will be in cahoots during the last days, that news is not at all surprising.  (Read Ezekiel 38-39, or take a peek at Who’s Who among Northern Invaders?)

But, why would Russia buy heavy water when, they too, could produce their own?  Perhaps for the same reason that Iran is storing 8,000 kg of uranium in Russia.  Could Russia simply be stockpiling nuclear material for Iran, while laundering funds that will go to terrorist organizations that may do Russia’s “dirty work” in places like Syria?

The truth is that there are so many loopholes in the nuclear deal with Iran, that they are left to do whatever they wish to advance their nuclear ambitions…as long as they are not actively producing nuclear material.

While the US continues to show extreme weakness and vulnerability on the world stage, Russia and China are happy to step in, when possible, to assume the role of “big dog.”  Russia is currently providing S-300 missile defense units to Iran, which will make US/Israeli air attacks on Iran very difficult if Iran chooses to ignore the terms of the nuclear agreement.

Only a few months into the nuclear deal, the Iranian/Russian/Chinese alliance has already become adept at finding and exploiting loopholes…and the US seems to think it is okay to do business with Iran, knowing that funds will go to support terrorist groups hellbent on destroying America and her allies.

As Israel celebrates Passover, I just wonder….what will the world stage look like next Passover?  Let’s pray for Israel, for the US, and for righteousness to prevail.  Pray, also, that Americans will put a strong supporter of Israel in the White House.

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