Decision America Tour: Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas

Franklin Graham and the Decision America Tour 2016 is headed for places I hold dear!  I have many, many friends in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas and my prayer is that all who are able will attend the event when it comes to their state!  Get involved, dear friends!

In case you have been living under a rock or on a different planet, you know that America is sliding down a slippery slope of selfishness, immorality, and disregard for God and His Word.  We are in desperate need of revival.  We need leaders who will lead righteously, but more importantly, we as Christians must stand firmly on Godly principles.  If Christians commit to humble themselves, pray, seek God’s face, and turn from wicked ways, then God will hear from heaven, forgive our sins, and heal our land!  Fellow believers, there is still time!

Franklin Graham is leading the charge to live out our faith at home, in public, and at the ballot box.  He is traveling to every state to lead prayer on the capitol steps, and to exhort believers to exercise their faith.  If you live in Texas, Oklahoma, or Kansas, now is your time to get involved.  If you live in states other than that, please pray for these states!  Let’s do this together!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016: Austin, Texas

  • Fewer than half of the state’s professing Christians report being absolutely committed to their faith.
  • Texas has nearly 20% of the nation’s fastest-growing churches – the most of any state.
  • Texas is among the Top 5 states in the US for teen pregnancy.

“Father, everything is big in Texas…but You are bigger!  Our prayer, dear Lord, is that every professing Christian in Texas will sense Your presence and will be drawn to Your love.  Lord, may Texas be the spark that lights the revival fire.  May every Christian become so ‘on fire’ for You and Your truth that the fire spreads throughout the land.  Fill up those fast-growing churches with believers committed to Your Word who will serve one another with the love of Christ. I pray, too, for teenagers who seek love in all the wrong places.  Father fill them with Your love and cause them to turn to You for every need.  Spark the fire, Lord!”

Wednesday, April 27, 2016: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • Nearly 9 in 10 Oklahomans reported praying to God in the last week.
  • The state has the second-highest incarceration rate in the US.
  • 16% of practicing Christians are not registered to vote.
  • Nearly 1 in 10 Oklahomans reported using illegal drugs in the last month.

“Lord, there are precious people in Oklahoma who love You with all their heart.  For the 9 in 10 who pray to You regularly, please hear their prayers, forgive sin, heal families, grow faith, and encourage righteousness.  Father, may they not speak simply for speaking sake, but may they truly connect with You in profound ways.  Lead, guide, and direct them, and turn more hearts to You as well.  Light the fire in Oklahoma!  Meanwhile, we pray for those incarcerated in Oklahoma.  Lord, draw them to righteousness.  Send ‘missionaries’ into the prisons to lead them to You, and to grow them up in the knowledge and grace of the Lord.  Likewise, please uncover illegal drug use and cause those involved to be drawn away from that culture.  Finally, impress upon every Christian the importance of registering and voting.  Lord, draw every Christian across the country to go to the polls, and to vote their values.  Teach us as Christians to lead our country as we should.”

Thursday, April 28, 2016: Topeka, Kansas

  • Only 44% of Kansans reported reading the Bible in a given week.
  • 39% of people ages 31-49 are unchurched.
  • Since 1980, there has been a 201% increase in births to unwed mothers.

“Again, oh God, we petition on behalf of Christian brothers and sisters, that You will grant them an extreme hunger and thirst for Your Word.  May faithful Christians in Kansas open Your Word, read Your Word and heed Your Word.  There is blessing in that, so that is our prayer.  Father, we also pray for the unchurched.  May they not await disaster before turning to gather faithfully with other believers.  Draw them together supernaturally and bless them with Your presence.  For unwed mothers, Lord, we ask Your grace.  But we also ask Your guidance and that young women will be sensitive to Your presence.  May they understand the unconditional love of a gracious heavenly Father who loves them supremely.  Precious Lord, there are many in Kansas who walk faithfully with You.  Please use them as Your instrument of revival.  Light the fuse in Kansas, we pray!”

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