The Truth about Jewish and Arab Refugees

The US just cut funding to UNRWA and much of the world (particularly the Palestinians) are up in arms.  In fact, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will make a huge issue of it at the UN General Assembly later this month.

But, what is the truth about UNRWA, the UN organization created specifically to deal only with Palestinian refugees?  Here is some insight:

A Deeper Look at Psalm 122: Verses 2-3


A song of ascent, Psalm 122 was recited (or sung) by the Jewish people as they made the trek to Jerusalem three times a year for the feasts.  They were anxious to go “up to Jerusalem” for those special times of fellowship with God.

We’re studying Psalm 122 this week and focus on verses 2-3 today:

Our feet are standing
Within your gates, O Jerusalem,
Jerusalem, that is built
As a city that is compact together

“…a city that is compact together” is an interesting phrase, translated many different ways: “joined together,” “bound together,” “knitted together,” “compact together,” and “solidly joined.” But a literal translation is: “joined to itself together.”  The Hebrew word “חֻבְּרָה” appears only once in the entire Bible – here.

It is a word that means “friend,” and has the connotation of joining together.  Just as Exodus 26:11 indicates the curtains in the tabernacle were joined together as a single unit, so Jerusalem is joined together.  Not to something else, but to itself!

If Jerusalem is joined or compacted together, there must be two parts! Jerusalem must have a “friend” or “companion!”  Might that companion be another Jerusalem in heaven?

There is basis for that in the Hebrew language.  Transliterated, YerushalAYIM = Jerusalem.  Notice the suffix “AYIM.”  It is plural!  There is a Jerusalem here on earth, but also a new Jerusalem to come (Revelation 21:2).  Two Jerusalems…”friends/companions!”

But here is another interesting tidbit regarding the joining together of Jerusalem to itself.  The UN designated Jerusalem an international city in 1947.  Yet, the war of 1948 resulted in Jordan taking control of East Jerusalem, leaving only West Jerusalem to the Jews.  In 1967, however, Jerusalem was reunited when Israel won the Six Day War!  Once again joining Jerusalem to itself!

Today, the battle continues to rage over Jerusalem.  There is a constant “tearing” of the city, yet it is God’s Holy City and will ultimately not only be joined to itself on earth, but will be joined together spiritually with the new Jerusalem!

Pray for that city, dear friends!

See you tomorrow when we look at the next portion of Psalm 122!

What a Chemical Attack Looks Like

Last night 60 Minutes reported again on the chemical attacks of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on his own people.  This is not the first major network to report on the atrocities, nor is it even the first time 60 Minutes has aired a lengthy segment.  (The first was back in February.)  It cannot be said that the world does not know what is happening in Syria.

Yet, neither the UN nor any nation is taking definitive steps to curb the brutal killing of innocent citizens.  True, many (including Israel) are providing humanitarian relief to those impacted, but Assad allies (such as Russia) turn a blind eye to the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children.  Not a single UN resolution has been issued, despite the blatant human rights violations.

(If you wish to see the latest 60 Minutes report on Assad’s use of chemical weapons on his people, click here.  Warning: parts are very graphic and not suitable for children or those highly sensitive to seeing human cruelty.)

These are signs of the times.  Total disregard of human life will become more and more prevalent as the end times unfold.  Believers, it is time for us to be about our Father’s business.  While most of us will never have the opportunity to do something tangible in Syria, we most certainly can pray.

But understand also that we can do tangible things right where the Father has placed us.  Syria is not the only place in need of God’s love.  Our workplaces need it.  Our neighborhoods need it.  Our families need it.  Our friends need it.

Indeed, prayer is the Father’s business, but He has called us to more!  Let’s be fully about the Father’s business!

It’s Official: US to Withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council

A year ago US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley warned that the US would withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council if its “relentless, pathological campaign” against Israel was not curtailed.  Today, the Trump administration pulled the plug.

Here is the joint press conference with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Nikki Haley:

Praise God for those who stand steadfastly with Israel!  Please pray for Ambassador Haley, Secretary of State Pompeo and the Trump administration as they stand with Israel.

Meanwhile, in our study, Why Israel Matters, we have established the idea that perhaps the Lord has given us (followers of Jesus) a short window of time to get serious about standing with Israel as we prepare for the return of our Bridegroom.  I’m summarizing each week’s lesson online, and we’ll soon look deeply into the return of our King!  Stick with us!