NYT Hit Pieces and Disgusting Crossword Puzzle Proves Anti-Semitism Never Takes a Holiday

Leave it to mainstream media to keep Anti-Semitism alive and well, and The New York Times to consistently lead the charge. Evil never takes a holiday!

To welcome in Hanukkah, one of Israel’s most joyous occasions, The NYT ran at least 3 articles (here, here and here) in previous days, all written by opinion columnist, Thomas L Friedman (a Jew!), attacking newly re-elected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and smearing efforts at a suitable peace process in the Middle East. About that peace…

While Israel welcomes Palestinians and Arabs into Israeli society and even permits their representation in government, what do the ruling parties in the West Bank (Palestinian Authority) and the Gaza Strip (Hamas) stand for? How about the total destruction of Israel and a land without Jews!

Yet, the final article is entitled, The Ideal of a Democracy in a Jewish State is in Jeopardy. It seems absurd a Jew living anywhere in the world would write such trash, in essence, blaming Israel for the problems in the Middle East while Arab and Palestinian leadership time and again vow to wipe Israel off the map!

Don’t get me wrong…Jews are not perfect people, and we would all be hard pressed to agree with them on everything. It is true that incoming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a lightning rod of controversy. In some ways, he is the Israeli version of Donald Trump: great policy, but with propensity to offend virtually everyone in his sphere.

But, aside from politics, we must not lose sight that Anti-Semitism is on the rise around the world, including right here in the USA, with NYC as perhaps the hotbed of it all. Physical attacks on Jewish people are happening more and more frequently, and with greater severity, and the media is aggressively promoting Anti-Semitism. Need a bit more evidence? How about a simple crossword puzzle? Take a look at this one that also appeared in The NYT:

To the casual observer, and in our American mindset, it may simply look like any other NYT crossword. But to the Jewish eye, you can bet they all see one thing: a Nazi swastika. You might even say, “Oh, come on! That’s a stretch.” But is it? Look carefully and you’ll see the specific outline of the Nazi symbol that characterized the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Was it an accident this image appeared in the midst of a string of anti-Jewish, Anti-Semitic articles? Was it a coincidence that it came out right at Hanukkah? Is it too big a stretch to believe that Jews will see this as what it appears?

I submit to you that the answer to all three is almost assuredly, “No!” PM-elect Benjamin Netanyahu is certainly not convinced. He fired back via Twitter:

“After burying the Holocaust for years on its back pages and demonizing Israel for decades on its front pages, the New York Times now shamefully calls for undermining Israel’s elected incoming government.” 

~Netanyahu Slams NYT, All Israel News, accessed 12/20/2022

Friends, while we celebrate Christmas here in the US (and around the world), and while Israel celebrates Hanukkah, that great victory over the Greek Seleucids after they desecrated the Temple, Anti-Semitism raises its ugly head in one of America’s most liberal filth rags.

It must stop. If we say nothing and do nothing, at what point will there be no one to say or do anything on our behalf? What can you do?

  • If you subscribe to The New York Times, cancel it. This is far from their first foray into Anti-Semitism.
  • Contact lawmakers (your Senators and Representatives in both federal and state houses) and let them know you stand against Anti-Semitism, and you expect them to do likewise. Hold them accountable by voting OUT those whose values do not align with Scripture.
  • Make a bold call or write a bold letter to The NYT editor. When enough people say, “We’re not putting up with this any more.”
  • Find a couple of advertisers in the NYT, call them up, and let them know you refuse to purchase anything from their company as long as they continue to support a news outlet that is openly Anti-Semitic. Also, let them know what your plans are to spread the news to others.
  • Post your stance against Anti-Semitism and those who support it on social media…and name names! (NYT and advertisers)

The sooner and bolder we stand for Judeo-Christian values, the more likely we are to regain some stability in our nation and the world. But if we shun Judeo-Christian values, or simply give them lip service, we will see the fall of America

Not on our watch! Become warriors, dear friends! We are in a battle in these last days, but it is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore, take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. (Ephesians 6:10-13)

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