Is Christmas Celebrated in Israel?

Strange question, huh! Why would a Jewish nation, who does not acknowledge Yeshua (Jesus) as anything more than a good teacher or philosopher, celebrate His birth? You might be surprised to know there is a population of both Messianic Jews and Arab Christians (among other smaller groups of believers) in Israel. But even beyond that, …

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All Lights are Lit as Hanukkah Comes to a Close

On the streets of Jerusalem and around Israel, Hanukkah menorahs burn brightly on the eighth night! Hanukkah has come and gone in Israel, but the joy remains!

Amir Tsarfati’s Commentary: Should Christians Celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah?

Is modern-day Christmas pagan?  Should Christians celebrate Hanukkah?  Does it really matter?  Are we making too big a deal of it? I've heard similar questions, and I bet you have too!  In today's materialistic world, Christmas seems to have lost its purpose.  Hanukkah is a Jewish festival unrelated to Christmas, yet with so many connections …

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Why Some Christians Celebrate Hanukkah

I recently read one of the most comprehensive and well-written explanations ever of why Hanukkah is significant to us as Christians.  There are nuggets in this ICEJ article and I hope you will take two minutes to find them! Why Some Christians Celebrate Hanukkah Let's celebrate!