Yom Kippur: An Annual “Reset”

When God instituted the seven feasts of Israel, He proclaimed prophecy in the ages to come. He signaled the birth of a Son who would be the spotless sacrificial Lamb of God (Feast of Passover), pierced and bruised for our transgressions (Feast of Unleavened Bread) before entering the tomb and rising again on the third …

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Israel is God’s Witness! Are You Also?

The Feast of Trumpets is a very interesting feast, filled with Biblical prophecy if we are willing to dig a little deeper! Hear Amir Tsarfati reveal the deeper things of Scripture regarding the Feast of Trumpets, then stop to consider: Are you God's witness? https://youtu.be/KYipUIjBvz0

Fall Feasts: All Eyes on Jesus!

Hi gang! When Jewish feasts are upon us, we often take a look at the significance of the feasts to us as believers because we know all feasts point to Jesus! The spring feasts pointed toward Jesus' first coming, and the fall feasts foretell of His second coming. The first fall feast, Feast of Trumpets, …

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Understanding the Hebrew Month of Elul

Welcome back, study friends! We are focusing on 3 fall Jewish feasts, occurring in the next few weeks, that point to end time events. The Lord actually ordained 7 major feasts for the Jewish people, and all have prophetic implications. Four have already been fulfilled, so we're focusing on the last 3! Yesterday, we laid …

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