Why Some Christians Celebrate Hanukkah

I recently read one of the most comprehensive and well-written explanations ever of why Hanukkah is significant to us as Christians.  There are nuggets in this ICEJ article and I hope you will take two minutes to find them! Why Some Christians Celebrate Hanukkah Let's celebrate!

Hanukkah Blessings Point to Christ

Hi everyone!  Hanukkah ends on Monday, but meanwhile, I hope you are enjoying a little bit of Hanukkah as we join with our Jewish friends in celebrating the miracle that happened!  We're in the midst of a series of posts about Hanukkah, so if you don't know what that miracle was, please review: Happy Hanukkah …

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Celebration of Light

חנוכה שמח Hanukkah began Sunday at sundown and Jews around the world repeat the Jewish phrase seen above, meaning "Happy Hanukkah!"  (Pronounced: Cha-nu-ka Sa-maech, with gutturals on the 'ch' sounds!)  Yesterday we talked about the meaning and significance of Hanukkah and today we'll discover the focus of Hanukkah. 7-branched Menorah near the Knesset Focus is upon …

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“Tell Me about Hanukkah!”

Ok my friends, jump into your Jewish mindset and let's talk about Hanukkah!  It is a very festive occasion which commenced Sunday night at sundown.  But exactly what are our Jewish friends celebrating?  Perhaps this will help! Throughout history Satan has tried to destroy God's plan by destroying God's people.  First, he deceived Eve, resulting …

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