Benjamin Netanyahu Sets the Record Straight before International Diplomats

Make no mistake: Israel is not the instigator of the action in and surrounding Israel. Hamas, an Iranian-backed terror group ruling in Gaza, opened fire on Israeli cities, including Jerusalem. They blamed Israel for “evicting” Palestinians living in a suburb of Jerusalem, and used that false claim to incite riots on Temple Mount and in the streets of Israeli cities occupied by both Jews and Arabs.

The press bought it, and have spread the news far and wide that Israel needs to de-escalate because they are attacking Gaza too fiercely. Meanwhile, while Hamas hides behind human shields and fires at citizens in Israel, the IDF precisely attacks Hamas infrastructure ONLY after giving warning for everyone to leave! Israeli citizens run for cover at incoming Hamas rockets. Gaza citizens stand in the streets videotaping incoming Israeli missiles, because they know Israel is not firing at them, but at specific structural targets or positively identified terrorists.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has “taken off the gloves” and vowed not to stop the attacks until Hamas is neutralized and can no longer effectively attack Israeli citizens. Good for him! The US has now joined some other world leaders in pressuring Netanyahu to call off the dogs.

Thankfully, other world leaders are standing with Israel, including some Arab nations who are sick and tired of sending billions to the Gaza Strip for humanitarian purposes, only to watch it turn into yet another terror tunnel or Hamas launch pad.

Several diplomats gathered in Tel Aviv today for this pointed address by Benjamin Netanyahu:

Please pray for the Prime Minister. These are difficult days in every way imaginable for him. May God grant him wisdom and favor….and may God bless the state of Israel!

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