Pence: Violence in Israel is the Price of Biden’s Weakness

“The Trump-Pence administration opened the door to a future of peace in the Middle East founded on our strong and unwavering commitment to the state of Israel. But now Israel is enduring the worst outbreak of violence in at least seven years – a direct result of the weakness shown by the Biden administration from its first day in office.”

~Mike Pence, National Review, May 17, 2021

Former VP Mike Pence minced no words in stating clearly the price of the Biden administration’s weakness. This should be a rallying cry for conservatives who love Israel to not only pray for the peace of Jerusalem, but to also voice our position loud and clear to our elected officials: We stand with Israel, and we condemn the weakness shown by the Biden administration. Our elected officials must stand strong and firm in Israel’s regard, and the administration should return to the policies proven to work: peace through strength!

Check out Mike Pence’s blistering assessment, then heed his request to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

In related news….

Not so ironically, just hours ago, major news sources reported Joe Biden, in a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, demanded “significant de-escalation” today. Netanyahu responded by telling Biden Israel will take whatever time they need to defend its citizens against the attacks of terrorists organizations.

Standing up to wicked regimes such as Iran and its terror proxies is a must if America is to be a world leader. I’m afraid we will get nowhere close to that with this administration, and America will soon become irrelevant. Russia’s Vladimir Putin is smelling blood and waiting in the wings to fill the vacuum soon to be left by the Biden administration. (BTW – Biden also just waived sanctions on the Nord Stream pipeline, benefiting Russia, while shutting down America’s Keystone pipeline. The person currently occupying the White House definitely has anti-American interests.)

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