Bunker Hill: Monument to Freedom Against All Odds

Why would patriots mark a location due to a defeat? Because defeats often lead to greater victory! The battle that took place at Bunker Hill was a critical turning point in the Revolutionary War. The cross certainly looked like a defeat, but Jesus left an empty tomb on Sunday morning!

Such was the case with our early warriors who knew that, just as the death of Jesus was not final defeat, they too would overcome defeat for a great victory. That is how America won the war and became the greatest nation on planet earth!

This is our final tour stop with Pastor Jack, but we’ve got more great things to share regarding America’s history, and all we have before us to take back from the enemy! Stay with us in the days ahead, but for now, check out the last tour stop in Boston:

We have learned much about America’s Christian heritage on this tour, and I hope it has blessed you. It gives me great motivation to get back to the root of what God Himself planted in this great nation. It is worth fighting for…it is worth occupying till Jesus comes!

Stay tuned, as we will make a return visit to one of the sites, to share more in depth about the Godly foundation that was laid in America.

BTW – It’s not too late to catch up on all our tour stops! Here they are…enjoy:

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