Map of Hamas Tunnels Released

The map above illustrates the vast underground tunnel system Hamas has used to move about the Gaza Strip without being exposed to Israeli attack. These tunnels also housed quarters for Hamas commanders to safely meet to plot how to destroy Israel. Look carefully at the small dots that indicate IDF targets. Were you wondering why Israel is not done yet with their military operations?

How does Hamas afford such infrastructure? Through humanitarian aid from countries around the world, including the Biden administration, Hamas redirects those funds to terrorist activity and infrastructure.

Yet, Biden and the ultra-liberal, radical left is now pressuring Israel to cease military operations in Gaza. Unconscionable!

Furthermore, Biden is running headlong into the arms of Iran, who is the world’s largest sponsor of terror, including Hamas, and is about to dump billions of dollars into Iranian coffers. This illustration says it well:

Notice the logo on the money bags. Looks a lot like the one used by a former president, doesn’t it! Perhaps because he is still pulling the strings!

It is only now coming to light just how aggressive the radical elements of the Democratic party are pressing Joe Biden to pressure Israel, including threatening to withhold military aid.

Apparently, Biden would rather seed billions of dollars to the world’s leading sponsor of terror (Iran), than provide millions to Israel, who would turn right around and spend it on American-made military assets. Despicable!

America is very quickly losing relevance on the world stage. Look to Jesus, my friends! He is our only source of stability, and we can trust Him fully!

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