Muslim UAE Delegation Gets Kicked Out of Al-Aqsa Mosque!

The tides are definitely turning for some Arab nations in the Middle East.

Almost giddy about the newly-signed peace deal with Israel, moderate Sunni nations of Bahrain and UAE are soaking in the excitement of peace and cooperation with Israel. However, the Palestinians are not nearly so excited!

After giving literally millions (if not billions) of dollars to the Palestinian Authority over the past decade or more, UAE is now being shunned by the Palestinians. Need an example:

The Palestinians, who never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, bypassed peace deal after peace deal, holding out on the promise of the Arab world that they would have a state of their own. The moderate Arab world is tired of footing the bill while Palestinians blow chance-after-chance of coming to agreement.

Even more intriguing is the sentiment of the UAE (if indeed, this report is correct):

Perhaps the true “occupiers” are now being revealed. It seems Palestinian true colors are now being shown.

Pray for Israel, the UAE and Bahrain as they forge lasting peace and cooperation. Praise God for the miracles we are seeing. There are many other Arab nations, including Saudi Arabia, considering peace deals with Israel. Pray for them!

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