Bahrain, UAE, Israel Making History

While the world struggles to overcome the coronavirus, and while American eyes (and indeed, the eyes of much of the worl) are on the US elections, some of the most incredible history is being made right before our eyes in the Middle East!

Jews and Arabs…descendents of Isaac and Ishmael…have made peace and are enshrining commitments to one another in areas such as commerce, tourism and technology! Friends, this was totally unheard of and unimaginable even 5-10 years ago.

US-Israeli Delegation Lands in UAE for a Historic Trip -
US-Israeli delegation arrives in Bahrain

Within the past week, the first Israeli commercial flight landed in Bahrain, carrying the Israeli Prime Minister and full delegations from Israel and the US. Together, they signed many agreements with one another to promote cooperation.

UAE Delegation Pays Historic First Visit to Israel - The Media Line
UAE delegation lands in Israel

Then, just yesterday, the first commercial flight from the UAE landed in Tel Aviv Israel. On board were full delegations of UAE and American officials. On the tarmac, they signed more agreements between Israel and their Arabs neighbors, before heading inside for meetings.

These are amazingly historic days! We are seeing what was never thought possible, but what lines up precisely with Bible prophecy! (Ezekiel 38:13 describes a group of Arabian peninsula nations who will not attack Israel, but will speak up – though not act – on Israel’s behalf!)

Read more about these historic events here: Netanyahu Greets First Ever Official UAE Delegation in Israel: ‘We are Making History

While in Israel, a Muslim UAE delegation visited Al-Aqsa Mosque on Temple Mount. Check back this afternoon to find out what happened there!

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