Praying for Christians in Israel

Okay, a quick trivia question: who comprises the largest population of Christians in Israel? If you said “Arabs,” you are correct! There are far more Arab Christians in Israel than Messianic Jews. However, God will ultimately open the eyes of the Jewish people to see their Messiah! Oh what a day that will be!

But, considering today, what is the greatest need for Christians in Israel? Prayer! Have you ever considered spending daily prayer time for our Christian brothers, sisters and congregations in Israel? I encourage you to do so.

To help you do that, I want to introduce yet another Arab pastor in Israel who is shepherding his flock to love and follow the Jewish Messiah! Joel Rosenberg interviewed Shmuel Aweida at a conference in Israel prior to the corona crisis. Enjoy this 5-minute interview, then pray for Pastor Aweida and his congregation.

Come back this afternoon for a very special testimony from that same conference. You will be blown away! See you then!

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