What's Happening inside Iran?

Evil swarms in Iran, and the world sees it externally. But what is happening internally, with the people of Iran? Make no mistake: by and large the people of Iran are much like you and me. They simply want to live their lives in peace and security. Yet the apocalyptic Iranian regime uses their own …

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BREAKING: Possible Attack on US Naval Base in Kenya

Reports from Iranian media indicate a raid by Al-Shabaab, an Iranian-backed jihadist organization in East Africa, on an American naval base in Manda Bay, Kenya. Claiming "destruction of US military aircraft and vehicles," the raid supposedly also inflicted significant casualties. As of now, this is an UNCONFIRMED report. However, as Christians, our call to duty …

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What Triggered the US Attack on Iranian Leaders?

https://twitter.com/BeholdIsrael/status/1213065830537342976 Praise God for cooperation between Israeli intelligence and American officials.

Did You Know?

Also, expect more sanctions on Iranian leaders. Things continue to heat up. Join me tomorrow afternoon for related thoughts about the new year.