Amir Tsarfati: Who are the Real Jews?

Hi friends! I recently watched a recorded discussion between Behold Israel’s founder, Amir Tsarfati, and Dr Golan Broshi from Israel College of the Bible. Their topic: Who are the real Jews?

It is a fascinating conversation deliniating the difference between ethnic Jews and religious Jews. I have spent time studying this, but found this discussion to be very helpful in understanding the connection between Christianity and Judaism. It also causes me to think through some things I have taught in the past, and perhaps make some tweaks to be as committed to the truth of God’s Word as I can be.

If you are a Christian and have a yearning to better understand your Christian roots, I encourage you to carve out some time this weekend to watch this discussion. I suspect it will provide “ah-ha” moments for you as it did for me! Enjoy!

PS: Dr Broshi is on staff at Israel College of the Bible. If you are interested in Bible classes from a Messianic Jewish persective, I recommend ICB! (Israel College of the Bible)

BTW – Israel College of the Bible also coordinates our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOURS! We still have a handful of seats available on our February 2021 tour, and they are very affordable! Click the link above and consider joining us on a life-changing trip to the land of the Bible.

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