“Horrific” Persecution Uncovered

This morning I shared a message of peace, of which we should celebrate! It is big news, and it is significant.

However, the other side of the coin is not so peaceful. In fact, just the opposite. Throughout radical Muslim territories, persecution of Christians is rampant and horrific.

  • Young teenage girls are being sex trafficked and made to “marry” much older Arab men who rape and abuse them in unimaginable ways.
  • Daughters of Christian leaders are being targeted.
  • Women are beaten for refusing to convert to Islam.
  • Christian men are tortured unless/until they renounce their faith in anyone other than Mohammed.
  • In August, 15 Christians in the Philippines were killed by suicide bombers.
  • Between June and August of this year, 500 Christians (including children, pregnant women and others) were brutally slaughtered in Ethiopia.
  • On August 1, Boko Haram, a known terrorist group, sent suicide bombers into a Camaroon village to target a Catholic mission. 28 were killed.

Christians are being attacked in places all over the world. The Gatestone Institute lists dozens of examples from many nations. (Click here.)

Believers, let’s use this list as a prayer guide for the next several days. I plan to take one example per day and pray for that nation and the Christians currently being persecuted there. Please join me!

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