US State Department Negotiating a Middle East Summit?

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According to this article, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his team are working behind the scenes to facilitate a Middle East summit to include Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, to include a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

Jordan has allegedly requested that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas be invited as well. That’s where things get really interesting!

The US would likely press the PA to take this opportunity to consider the peace deal they have rejected since before it was presented. Meanwhile, it is believed that former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert, who failed in his attempt to implement peace. Now, Olmert is said to be arranging a press conference with Abbas at the UN next week to express opposition to the Trump peace plan.

Read the full article here: US to Facilitate Historic Meeting between Netanyahu, Saudi Crown Prince

What’s the significance?

While “nationalists” such as the Trump and Netanyahu administrations and several moderate Muslim countries are forging relationships and attempting to bring peace, “globalists” such as Olmert are working with the Palestinian Authority to perpetuate the farce carried out by Abbas, Hamas, and those ruling the Palestinians people. Will a former Israeli Prime Minister interfere in the best interests of Israel? Time will tell!

Unfortunately, the Palestinian people are held hostage to the evil schemes of their leaders, and the region sacrifices true attempts at peace.

Scripture teaches us, when possible and as far as depends on us, we are to strive for peace with all. (Romans 12:18) However, we also know the only true peace comes through the Prince of Peace! Pray for the Palestinian people. May the Prince of Peace reveal Himself to them, and may they recognize and acknowledge Him as their only source of peace!

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