A Look Inside a Hamas Terror Tunnel

Image result for idf cost of terror tunnelOften built of Israeli-donated concrete meant for homes, mosques, hospitals and other infrastructure, Hamas terror tunnels are often quite elaborate, costing millions of dollars.

Despite the terror perpetrated by Hamas, Israel has continued to provide building materials (including cement) to the Gaza Strip in efforts to boost the quality of life for Palestinians.

Unfortunately, leadership in Gaza will not allow its citizens the quality of life they dream of.

Notice the chart above.  For every tunnel constructed, Gaza loses out on 86 homes, 7 mosques, 6 schools or 19 medical clinics.  At $3 million apiece, the 30+ tunnels found by the IDF have cost the Gazan people over $90 million.

Let’s take a quick adventure into one of the recently found terror tunnels:

Friends, are we faithfully praying for innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip?  I hope so.  While the terrorists are out to steal, kill and destroy, many Palestinians simply want to enjoy a better life than what they have under the tyranny and terrorism of Hamas.

Please pray for the Palestinian people…and for the IDF as they have their hands full these days on two different fronts.

Blessings, my friends!

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