The Second Great Covenant: Mosaic Covenant

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Welcome back, study friends!  We’re digging into three great covenants that all must function together, lest they lose their power!  Scripture reveals several more covenants, but we are focusing on:

  • Abrahamic Covenant
  • Mosaic Covenant
  • New Covenant

Each is backed by the character of God, and cannot accomplish God’s purpose if left to stand alone.  Therefore, the three work in conjunction with one another.

Yesterday, we examined the Abrahamic Covenant, identifying it as the covenant of DECISION.  God (not Abraham) decided the parameters of the Abrahamic Covenant and, more importantly, He decided to preach the gospel to Abraham in order for his descendants to become the vehicle of world redemption!

Thus, we see the importance of the Abrahamic Covenant…yet it isn’t enough!  God decided to provide salvation, but the world doesn’t recognize the need!  Therefore, we need instruction and ability.

The Mosaic Covenant is the covenant of INSTRUCTION.  God tells the Israelites, in Exodus 19:5-6, they must obey His voice and keep His covenant.  He laid a foundation of law and gave the Jewish people 613 specific laws to follow.

Why?  He knew they would not be able to fulfill the law.  Is this some sort of evil trick?

Of course not!  He gave the law via the Mosaic Covenant to reveal the need for the Abrahamic Covenant!  We’ll hang out in Galatians 3 today, so I encourage you to open your Bible there.  First, notice verses 19, 21 and 24, where we learn:

  • Law was added because of transgressions.
  • If the law could impart life, righteousness would be based on law.
  • Law is a tutor that leads us to Christ!

By itself, the Mosaic Covenant doesn’t do the trick.  It can INSTRUCT us about sin, but it can’t save us!  However, let’s couple it with the Abrahamic Covenant.  Again, in Galatians 3, we learn:

  • Verse 8: All nations are blessed through Abraham
  • Verse 11: Law will not save us
  • Verse 19: Law was given to show us our need
  • Verse 24: Law is a tutor
  • Verse 26: We are children of God by faith
  • Verse 19: It is the Abrahamic Covenant (not the Mosaic Covenant) that makes us God’s children!

Thus, you see, the Mosaic Covenant is vital to helping us understand the need for the Abrahamic Covenant!  But, God’s DECISION and INSTRUCTION are still not enough!  We need the third leg of the stool: ABILITY.

That is the New Covenant, and we’ll take a look at it tomorrow.  This is great stuff, so I hope you’ll stick with us.  The study gets better and better from here!  See you tomorrow.

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