Netanyahu’s Newest Social Media Advisor: “A Jew Who Loves Jesus”

Well, here’s a headline you don’t see very often!  Praise God for providing an opportunity for this young Christian man to serve the Prime Minister.  (Read more in One for Israel’s article.)

As a Christian, of course this is exciting.  However, it is not unique for non-Jews to hold positions in government, public service and virtually every other sector in Israel.  Did you know Israeli Arabs have representation in the Knesset (Israel’s parliament), and that some have served in the Israeli cabinet?  Arabs have also served as ambassadors of Israel, and in high-ranking positions in the IDF and police force.

Israeli Druze, who are Arab, though not typically Muslim, have served faithfully in public positions and in the military, as have the Bedouins (another Arab subgroup).

So, while much of the world accuses Israel of being racist and/or apartheid, there is no validity to the accusations.  In fact, I just ran across a very interesting scenario.  Israeli President Reuven Rivlin just swore in three new justices to the Israeli Supreme Court, and it was a very unique group!

Two of the three were Arabs, making them the majority in the swearing in ceremony.  Interestingly, the two Arabs were born in Israel, while the Jew was born in Great Britain. However, an even greater surprise is that both Arabs are Christians!  (See Arab Justices Make History)

Israel is certainly not a perfect nation.  However, it is unfair to label Israel as intolerant toward other people groups.  Indeed, standing as the only democratic nation in the Middle East, complete with freedoms not found anywhere else in the region, Israel allows people of all ethnic backgrounds to have equal opportunity to succeed in society.  Every citizen has equal rights and the opportunity to make something of themselves.  Praise God for those Arab justices…and for that Christian social media advisor…who are enjoying their freedoms as Israeli citizens!

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