The Truth behind Hamas’ “Peaceful Protests” on the Border with Israel

If you followed the news last week, you undoubtedly heard about the “peaceful protests” of the Hamas-led Palestinians on Israel’s border with Gaza.  Supposedly gathering on the border to campaign for the “right of return,” at the direction of a Hamas leader (Yahya Sinwar), tens of thousands of Palestinians were incited to riot.  Once at the border, they confronted the IDF with gun fire, rock throwing, Molotov Cocktails, attempts to infiltrate, and even sending a 7-year-old girl across the border.  (She was safely returned by the IDF.)

When the IDF responded, killing at least 10 terrorists (all males involved in the Hamas military wing or other terrorist groups), it of course, drew the ire of the UN Security Council who immediately blamed Israel and drafted a statement calling on Israel to practice restraint  and to allow for “demonstrations and protests” while also calling for an “independent” investigation of the IDF and its actions. The US exercised its veto power, blocking the statement.

So, whose story is correct…the Hamas/Palestinian leaders who are touting the “peaceful demonstration,”  or the IDF who is having to deal with the demonstrations?  Watch the video of live footage below and make up your own mind.


Expect protests and riots to continue through at least mid-May, leading up to Israel’s 70th anniversary of statehood.  Please pray for those who live near the border, and for wisdom on the part of IDF leaders who must make very critical decisions.  Pray also for the Lord to send warring angels to guard the border, and for every evil scheme to be thwarted.

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