Foreshadowing of the Antichrist

Current events through the lens of Scripture…that has been our objective over the past couple days.  Today, I want to fling the curtain back and ask a striking question:

Are we seeing the groundwork being laid for the appearing of the antichrist?

Now, don’t read more into that question than what it says.  I am not implying that I know (or think I know) who the antichrist is.  Could the antichrist be alive today,?  Possibly, but not necessarily.  If you are a Christian, don’t waste time looking for the antichrist!  Why?  Because we won’t be here when he is revealed!

The first 10 verses of 2 Thessalonians 2 describe the man of lawlessness who will come to do Satan’s bidding.  That is the antichrist.  But that passage talks about “he who now restrains” the man of lawlessness (verse 7), who is none other than the Holy Spirit who lives within us (Christians) (Romans 8:9-16, 1 Corinthians 3:16).  At the rapture, when we are taken up into heaven to be with the Lord forever (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18), the Holy Spirit…the restrainer…will be gone from this earth, and the man of lawlessness will be free to move at Satan’s command!

The Bible also teaches us that the spirit of the antichrist is already at work in our world (1 John 4:2-3), and has been since the Garden of Eden.  So, the spirit of the antichrist is alive and active, and moving in our world today.  No question.  But is the stage being set for THE antichrist?

We’ve laid Biblical foundation, now let’s go to the news!

Following visits to Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican, President Trump headed to NATO and G7 summits, where he most certainly did not win any popularity contests!  In fact, most European leaders have a strong dislike for President Trump.  Why?  Many reasons, but the one we’ll focus on today is the fact that Donald Trump is anything but a globalist!  While Europe is fighting for open borders, a European Union and One World Order, President Trump campaigned (and seems to be living up to) “America First!”

Now, let’s be careful, lest we get “too big for our britches!”  The point is not that America is the end all and should isolate itself from all other nations.  Rather, America needs to be America.  We need to put the best interests of the country ahead of personal or political gain, and we need to be strong and united.  (That seems to be Trump’s message.)  Most importantly, just as Scripture teaches us to be independent when it comes to taking responsibility for ourselves, interdependent when it comes to caring for one another, and dependent upon our Creator God alone, so our nation (and the world) would do well to cling to those Biblical principles.

But we see the opposite happening in Europe.  Elite businessmen and bankers put leaders such as new French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in power.  These two, and others like them, are pushing a One World Order, a system that will make the powerful even more powerful, and will pave the path for the antichrist.  Even the Pope is a player in this game, trying to ignite One World Religion.  (“We all worship the same God, so let’s all just be tolerant and get along!”)

And where is this leading?  Despite outlandish terror pouring through every opening, Europe continues to clamor for open borders.  “Tolerance” has allowed Islam to splash jihadist belief across all of Europe.  And believe it or not, at the G7 summit, the key issue was not terrorism or how to deal with worldwide nuclear escalation.  The key issue was climate change!  (BTW, climate change is the calling card of One World Order, as it sets the stage for “global cooperation.”  Mark my words…this whole agenda will grow bigger and bigger, and the US will become more and more isolated as European leaders and One World Order proponents bypass President Trump and go straight to large American corporations and liberal state and local leaders.)

Around the time President Trump was addressing the nonsense at the G7 summit, becoming more shunned by the Europeans (at times, because of his own rudeness), and being hammered by the American press, former President Obama made a speech in Germany (at the side of Angela Merkel) in which he said:

“If there’s conflict, if there’s bad governance, if there’s war, if there’s poverty, in this new world that we live in we can’t isolate ourselves. We can’t hide behind a wall.”

The statement was a slightly veiled stab at Trump’s policy to build a wall at America’s southern border.  However, building that wall would not be a wall to “hide behind,” but would be intended as a wall of protection against terror capable of entering our country with ease right now.  We don’t need “open borders” in America that invite terrorists to come in and set up shop.  We need a way to properly vet who comes and who goes, without the opportunity to pour across without that vetting.

Furthermore, when Obama refers to the “new world that we live in,” it has the marks of One World Order.  “Let’s not build walls anywhere, let’s just be one big happy family.  Everyone is welcome…. ” Like they are in Europe, Mr President?

Here is my point: the spirit of the antichrist is alive.  (No, I am NOT saying Obama is the antichrist.)  Europe is becoming very fertile soil for the antichrist, and Bible prophecy indicates that the antichrist will arise from a revived Roman empire.  If Europe is “one big happy family” with no borders (as the European Union is attempting to be), then Europe as a whole is certainly positioned to become that revived Roman empire.

There are lots of tentacles in this post.  Lots of theology to examine, and I encourage you to do so.  I’ve only scratched the surface, but have given you links to teachings that will help solidify what the Bible has to say about the antichrist, One World Order, One World Religion and, in general, the days in which we live.  Please make use of them!  Don’t be fooled…the Bible has much to say about end times, and we are watching end time prophecies come to pass right before our very eyes!

The Bible tells us to be prepared.  One way in which we prepare is to study to know and understand the season in which we live.  I pray you will take some time this weekend to do just that!  I plan to do likewise!

Blessings my friends…and keep looking for the Blessed Hope (the return of our Lord Jesus!)

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