Iran, the PA and President Donald Trump…in Light of Scripture

Hi gang…welcome back!  Yesterday, we touched on news of the terrorist attacks in Manchester and in Egypt, and peered at those events through the lens of Scripture.  Today, I want to continue along that path with other events that made headlines recently.

As I made my way to the ICEJ Conference last week, news broke that Iran boasted of its third underground ballistic missile factory, despite the fact a UN resolution calls them to “refrain from work on ballistic missiles designed to deliver nuclear weapons for up to eight years.” (Reuters)  However, Iran could not care less about UN resolutions because the UN has allowed them to run rampant for years and are not in a position to be able to stop them.

Meanwhile, President Trump visited Saudi Arabia and met with 50 Sunni Arab leaders, most (if not all) of whom are fearful of a nuclear-armed Iran.  For perhaps the first time ever, a US President stood up and clearly exhorted key Arab leaders to “drive out the terrorists and extremists” from their nations and houses of worship.

Furthermore, President Trump spoke boldly to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, stating that the PA cannot talk peace with Israel while paying off terrorists to kill and maim Israeli citizens and Jews.  It has also become apparent that Trump’s proposed solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is to involve many other Arab countries.

Why?  Because under the previous administration (and arguably, even before that), the Palestinian Authority has kept Israel over a barrel by demanding that the starting point to peace in the Middle East must be Palestine and Israel…and they garnered the support of Arab countries throughout the region.  President Trump has turned the tables, declaring that he wishes to work with all moderate Arabs in the region in order to finally get a peace deal done between Israel and the Palestinians.  The President’s focus on Arab recognition of Israel before entering peace talks removes the leverage the Palestinian Authority has in appealing to Arab states to push the Palestinian agenda.

Israel, at least for the time being, has the backing of a US administration that believes as they do: Dividing Jerusalem in order to strike a peace deal is not the right solution.  Since the 1960’s the mantra of the Palestinians has been “land for peace.”  In other words…give us land, we’ll give you peace.  Yet, what they really want is land and PIECE.  “Give us land now, and we’ll ask for another piece later…until it is all ours!”

You see, this isn’t Israel’s first time around that block!  Let’s look at Scripture.

They have healed the wound of my people lightly,
    saying, ‘Peace, peace,’
    when there is no peace.
~Jeremiah 6:14, Jeremiah 8:11

Twice, the prophet Jeremiah alludes to the lack of peace, despite the declaration of peace from those who wound His people.  Each time, in context, Jeremiah describes impending disaster for Israel, and the promise of peace plays a role in that disaster.

But, that is simply a foretaste.  Perhaps Israel is leery of falling into the same old trap that has plagued them, namely “land for peace.”  These days, they long for peace, but prepare for war.  The Bible says there will come one who makes peace and even signs a peace treaty with Israel, only to break it 3 1/2 years later.  Of course, we’re talking about the antichrist.  A charismatic “peacemaker” will come on the world scene and will persuade people to follow him on a path to long-awaited peace.  Everyone wants that, right?  So, they follow…and the signing of that peace treaty with Israel will usher in the Tribulation.  (Read more about the antichrist and the tribulation.)

I am proud of any US administration that boldly proclaims the importance of standing with Israel.  Why?  Because it is Biblical!  (Genesis 12:3 and other places)  But, make no mistake: the President has an uphill battle and so does Israel!  The world is preparing for the coming of the antichrist, and tomorrow I want to touch on that.

See you then!

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