Day of Prayer

Hi everyone.  At the time this post goes live, the Paris Peace Conference will be underway.  This conference is thought by many to potentially be one last “backstab” of Israel by the Obama administration.  Following America’s neglect to veto UN Security Council Resolution 2334, John Kerry (US Secretary of State) laid out points in a speech, indicating the Obama administration’s insistence on forcing a peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians.

Then it was announced that Paris would host a peace conference (likely to discuss and implement terms of Resolution 2334, based on the points Kerry made in his speech.  That conference is taking place today…just 5 days before the Obama administration leaves office.

Furthermore, it is possible that another damaging resolution against Israel will be rammed through before Obama vacates the White House…and that the US will, once again, fail to veto it.  (I painted a possible scenario here.)  Meanwhile, Israel sees the peace conference as a reward to the Palestinians for avoiding negotiations, and Benjamin Netanyahu sees it as a fraud.

Based on details that have been leaked, those attending the conference are expected to affirm a two-state solution, and may propose resolutions that will unilaterally force that issue if the parties will not agree to negotiate.  (Israeli leadership has said repeatedly that they will meet with Palestinian leadership any time, at any place, if parties come with no preconditions.  The Palestinian Authority has refused.)

Now is the time to pray, dear friends.  Will you pray that world leaders will be sensible in this conference, that the leaked details will be false (or completely turned around), and that evil schemes and vindication will be revealed and squashed?  Please take a stand with Israel and pray on her behalf.

Blessings friends!

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