First Report Emanating from Paris Peace Conference: “Less Harsh than Initially Expected…”


The peace conference in France has concluded and, while reports are still scarce, the first report I have found (from Israel’s Haaretz, at times a rather liberal source) indicates a declaration “less harsh” than initially expected.  Haaretz has posted the text of the declaration (click on link above), which appears to urge the parties to be diligent to seek a two-state solution.  While the language of the declaration indicates a need to preserve Israel’s security, the slant seems to be toward appeasing Palestinian interests (such as “ending the occupation”). There is no back-tracking of the Resolution 2334 damage, in which it will be considered illegal for Israel to build “settlements,” and leaves a huge question as to whom Temple Mount and the Jewish Quarter of the Old City belong.

Nonetheless, if that is the actual declaration, it does appear somewhat less harsh than feared.  However, the UN is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, and could easily “give teeth” to the declaration.

I’ll continue to keep an eye on reports out of Paris.  I have not been able to confirm this initial report, but will attempt to find out more in the coming hours.  Meanwhile, continue to pray!  Evil schemes continue to circulate, and major decisions are still being made.  Be warriors in prayer!

Update: The Times of Israel is reporting that Donald Trump warned against unilateral moves, while French President Francois Hollande warned Trump against moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

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