The Paris Peace Conference: “Much Ado about Nothing”

From all accounts I have found regarding the Middle East Peace Conference held in Paris yesterday, the results seem less threatening to Israel than anticipated by many.  It was thought that the final declaration would include proclamations further condemning Israel for “settlement activity,” and further denying that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Instead, the most emphasized element of the declaration is that both sides remain committed to negotiating a two-state solution…nothing new, in terms of what UN Resolution 2334 set forth.

A Jerusalem Post analysis termed the conference itself “much ado about nothing,” before going on to suggest that hosting the conference was a political ploy to solidify the Muslim voting bloc in upcoming French elections.

Furthermore, US media seemed to all but ignore the entire event.  Not a single major news network that I am aware of reported on the conference in their Sunday evening news report.  Only one network I know of mentioned it briefly during the 10:00 news.  Likewise, US print media was fairly silent on the event as well.

So, I have two thoughts.  First, the UN still has a scheduled meeting tomorrow (Tuesday 1/17/17) in which they plan to discuss Israel-Palestinian peace.  It is still possible that they could propose another resolution harmful to Israel, and that the US would fail to veto in order to protect Israel.  Please continue to pray that the UN session will be as uneventful as the Paris Peace Conference.

Secondly, what made the difference in the outcome of the conference?  Could it be that the media is just untrustworthy?  (A supposed “leak” prior to the conference indicated a much harsher outcome for Israel.)  Could it be that a “behind the scenes” discussion involving the Trump administration (or other parties) convinced the delegates to back off a harsher decision?  Could it be that the current American administration (who was believed to have been instrumental in drafting the preliminary document) had a change of heart?  Could it be that “cooler heads” prevailed?

Perhaps it was a combination of all (or some) of the above.  Or perhaps God once again honored the prayers of His children who prayed on behalf of Israel.  We may never know.  But one thing is sure:  the Lord loves to hear from His kids, and He is committed to His chosen land and His chosen people.  I believe He is pleased when we respond to His command to pray for Israel!  Keep at it, praying friends!  With the same fervor, let’s pray that wisdom and righteousness prevail in the UN tomorrow.

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