Antisemitism: Accusations of Apartheid, and the BDS Movement

Hatred of Israel is rampant around the world and antisemitism is taking on forms of all kinds.  Two very specific ways in which hatred is spreading is via accusations of apartheid, and the BDS movement.

In many corners of the world, and especially prevalent on US college campuses, accusations of apartheid are becoming more and more prolific. In fact, Jew Hatred on Campus has identified the 10 worst antisemitic college campuses in the US, among them prestigious east coast schools as well as UCLA and other west coast universities. Though your favored school may not have made this infamous Top 10, many many other universities have chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP).

Contrary to the accusations, Arab Muslims serve in the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) alongside Jews, and no restrictions prevent non-Jews from living freely in the land.

If anyone understands apartheid, it is South Africans. However, take a few moments to enjoy No Lie Shall Prosper, to hear the South African response to the accusations of Israeli apartheid:

In addition to accusations of apartheid, the BDS Movement (boycott, divest, sanction) against Israel has gained steam over the past couple years. The movement encourages individuals, companies, and even countries to cease business with Israel.

The latest emphasis is on labeling of goods produced in “occupied” territories, encouraging consumers not to purchase those items. There are at least two major problems with that:

  1. Despite the fact that Palestinians claim that Israel is “occupying” land, Israel is not “occupying” any territory that is not theirs!
  2. To prompt people not to purchase products from “occupied territory,” is to hurt the very people the idea is supposed to protect! Many Palestinians would lose their jobs if consumers are persuaded to boycott labeled products.

These are simply two of the latest forms of antisemitism. Collectively, the world seems to be turning against Israel. Israel will eventually stand alone…but we know God’s heart toward her! He will continue to prove Himself strong on Israel’s behalf!

Stand strong with Israel, dear friends…and pray for her!

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