Franklin Graham and Anne Graham Lotz Encourage us to Pray

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In my lifetime, there has been no more revered Christian leader than Billy Graham, and his children carry on a legacy. Daughter Anne Graham Lotz carries a burden for prayer, particularly for Israel and America.  She has led many prayer initiatives and, once again, calls us to prayer for our nation.

Let’s join Anne for 111 Preprayer for the New Year.  If you do not already receive her prayer alerts, click here to sign up to receive an email on New Year’s Day to direct in our prayers together.

Meanwhile, Franklin (Anne’s younger brother, and son of Billy Graham) will launch a “Decision America Tour” in January. He will visit every state in America to challenge Christians to live out their faith…and to vote accordingly. “America is at a crossroads,” says Franklin, “and I believe we should take every opportunity to stand up for the things of God and His Word.” His mission is to lead us in prayer for our nation “just as Nehemiah cried out to God to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and restore hope to His people.” Click the link above to find out when Franklin will be in your state.

The legacy of Billy Graham is carried forward and I am inspired to carry on the values and the faith he has exhibited for over 95 years. Our nation needs strong spiritual leaders now more than ever. Let’s join together with these servants of God as they lead us in prayer and challenge us to live out the life of Christ. Will you join us?

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