Truth Must Prevail: An Arab Christian Sets the Record Straight

Breaking My Silence: An Arab Christian Speaks Out

Yesterday we focused on God’s grace in bringing an Iranian Muslim to saving faith in Jesus.  The power of Jesus Christ is also alive in the life of an Arab Israeli determined to spread truth.  His name is Yoseph Haddad, and he needs our prayers this week!

There are movements across American college campuses and elsewhere to promote anti-Israel sentiment and antisemitism.  The BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) Movement is most prominent, as attempts are made to isolate Israel.  However, movements such as Breaking the Silence are spreading blatant lies about Israel in general, and specifically the IDF, and they are converging on Harvard University this coming week.

In the midst of it all, an Arab Israeli Christian is setting the record straight!  An IDF veteran who fought in the Second Intifada and the Second Lebanon War, sustaining life-threatening injuries, Yoseph is breaking his silence!  He, too, will speak at Harvard this week.

Read Breaking My Silence: An Arab Christian Speaks Out.  (You can also see an interview with him on Israeli TV here.)  More importantly, please pray for Yoseph Haddad as he speaks truth on one of America’s most prestigious universities this week.  Ask the Lord to fill the venue, and for Yoseph’s message to go out clear and strong.  May this man bring glory to God as he speaks the truth in a very secular setting.

I’m praying….will you join me?

Jews and Arabs Leaving Peacefully Side-by-Side!

I recently read an article entitled, Biblical Shomron: Israel’s Strategic, Peaceful and Beautiful Heartland.  In it is the story of the Shomron Regional Counsel’s success in developing areas where Jews and Palestinians work peacefully side-by-side.  The area is called the West Bank, but in Biblical terms, it is Samaria.

This area is targeted by the BDS movement, an effort to boycott, divest and sanction Israeli companies for the purpose of “helping” the Palestinians.  But the truth is, if these companies were shut down, more Palestinians would be out of work than Israelis!  That’s one of the things that makes the BDS movement so ridiculous!

I have been to this area and I have seen Jews and Palestinians working peacefully side-by-side and it is such a refreshing sight!  Peace is possible when left to the citizens themselves.  It is when the Palestinian Authority and/or Hamas get involved that things turn south, as they have in the ongoing conflict at the Gaza border.

If only the citizens were allowed to seek a better living, Israel would give them that!  Those who do have the opportunity to live and work in the Shomron region bear testament to that!

Please pray for the people of Gaza.  The oppression (and brainwashing) is so intense, violence is all they know.  Pray they will find the freedom enjoyed by their countrymen in the Shomron region.

BTW – the Jewish “settlements” in the West Bank we hear so much about on the news look like this:

Iranian Shi’ite Muslim Combats BDS and Anti-Semitism in the US

Yazdi (center) in a pro-Israeli campus protest

Yazdi (center) in a pro-Israeli campus protest.

“When I visited Israel, I told the guide—an army reservist—I thought the only people treating Muslims as human beings in that part of the world were probably Israelis.”
~Ryan Ali Yazdi

In Ryan Ali Yazdi’s lineage included a deposed shah and many relatives who served as ministers in the former governments in Tehran.  A Shi’ite Muslim, Yazdi has studied East Asian studies and economics at Columbia University.  According to Ynet Magazine, He is also treasurer of Students Supporting Israel (SSI), a pro-Israeli student union active in 50 campuses across the United States, Canada, Europe and Israel.

What motivates this Persian Muslim to support Israel?  He sees how much of the world, particularly the Muslim world, denies human rights while Israel responds to human need.  Yazdi also recognizes modern-day anti-semitism, including that of his native land.  He says:

While I’m a Muslim, I’ll stand with any nation that is threatened with genocide—and today the most significant such threat is made against Israel….Each generation has a new form of anti-Semitism. In the past it was Nazi death camps, and today, it’s Iran and the ayatollahs.”

He goes on to say:

 “I think BDS dehumanizes human lives in the Middle East….They don’t care about what’s happening in Gaza and other Arab countries when it comes to human rights…. All they care about is destroying Israel. BDS is bringing up the next generation in campuses to be anti-Semites, they’re disseminating Nazi propaganda against Israel.”

Amazingly, there are Muslim people in the world who understand the evil perpetuated by Islamic ideology, and who are willing to stand against it.

Scripture reveals that God uses everything from a donkey to Israel’s enemies (and much more!) to fulfill His plans.  He can use even Muslim people to do the same today!  Please join me in praying for Ryan Ali Yazdi and other Muslim people who see the fallacy of Islamic ideology.  Pray for God’s favor, and pray for salvation!  May their eyes be open to the truth, and may they come to know the One True God, Jesus the Messiah!


BDS: Alive and Well

Hi friends!  If you know much about Israel, you know there is a global movement to delegitimize Israel by destroying her economy and vitality.  That movement, instigated by the Palestinians and those who condemn Israel’s “occupation” of the land, is called the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanction) Movement.

First, let’s be absolutely clear: the land “occupied” by Israel is Israel’s land, regardless of the angle taken to refute the fact.  Biblically, God promised the land to Israel for an everlasting possession.  (See God’s Appointed Role in History for IsraelMilitarily, and according to international law, Israel has won every war in which it has been attacked, legally taking possession of land, and often giving it back.  (See Week 4’s study of Looking for the Blessed HopeDiplomatically, Israel has bent over backwards in attempts to grant land to the Palestinians, only to meet with their “all-or-none” demands.  (See Is Israel the Obstacle to Peace in the Middle East)

Recent BDSSo the BDS Movement stands on a ridiculous premise.  While it may not be everyday, headline news, just know that it is being propagated on college campuses (especially in the US, where freedom of speech allows it) and in big name companies around the world every single day.

But, let’s examine the BDS Movement a bit more carefully to see what merit it may or may not have:


So, to repeat the question: Would the Israel-haters ever inconvenience themselves by giving up all that Israel has given them?  Would Honda and Axa give up their computers, cell phones and other Israeli-developed technology?  Not on your life!  The BDS Movement is simply evil hypocrisy at its best.

PS:  Fresh news of the day: yet another Israeli innovation.

Israeli Bandages that Stop Bleeding Within Seconds Now Sold Globally