UPDATE on the Chaos in Israel

In continued conversation with friends actually on the ground in Israel, here is the latest:

  • For the most part, Israel is now back open. The anarchists are trying to create a coup to get rid of Benjamin Netanyahu and the current government. In some areas (such as the hyper-liberal Tel Aviv) police and military have bought into the brainwasher perpetuated by globalists all over the world (headed, it seems, by George Soros). They illegally shut down the entire country for hours, but Israel is back open and, in many ways, going about life as usual. (Tour groups are still arriving and Aly, our Israeli guide, confirmed that she was at the airport to meet her incoming group.)
  • Right wingers are now protesting in Jerusalem. Though that may sound like a positive counterbalance to the liberal left’s anarchy in Tel Aviv, the right is actually upset at Netanyahu as well. In order to allow time for things to cool off, Netanyahu paused the judicial reform legislation, which is very important to the right.
  • Netanyahu is now being squeezed between both ends of the political spectrum. His days as Prime Minister may well be numbered, though Netanyahu has proven that he is able to navigate situations no other Israel PM has been able to do. It will require a miracle for Netanyahu to find a way through the current situation….but the God of Israel still has miracle-working power. It is the Lord who appoints and takes down rulers, so once we have done our civic duty in electing officials, we leave the rest to Him.
  • Without entering into the sensational, we must consider what Scripture has to say about the end times. When the Antichrist arrives on the scene, Israel will be fooled into recognizing him as the Messiah. Right now, there is tremendous delusion happening in the minds of many (not all) Israelis. When delusion happens, those who may have thought rationally before, are easily led into deception. Has that time come? No one can say. Is the stage set for that? It certainly appears so.

No one knows the day or hour in which Jesus will appear in the clouds to snatch away believers. This is known as the rapture, and is described in 1 Corinthians 15:51-55 and 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. Whether today or a thousand years from now, we have the hope that only Jesus can bring! However, we must live as though that day is coming soon!

Live in the hope that is ours, not in the fear that gripes the world! If you don’t know Jesus personally, you simply must! He is our great hope and salvation.

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