Israel in Chaos

Hi friends. It was a very sleepless night as I followed the news and communicated with friends in Israel. If you have missed the news, Israel is in almost total lockdown due to the anarchy that has arisen.

In brief, the issue revolves around the proposed revisions of the judicial system in Israel, in which the judiciary has all but taken over the government. Globalists and the deep state are financially supporting anarchy in Israel, including the propaganda machine claiming Benjamin Netanyahu is using judicial reform to take away rights of the liberal left.

As in America, please don’t believe what you hear in mainstream media. Reports I’ve heard (and heard about) in Israeli media (and now in international media) are far from the information I have received from sources on the ground and in the know.

Above all, please pray for Israel. Never in their history has evil been any more apparent, and never in history have the people of Israel been any more ripe to follow the Antichrist. (No, the Antichrist has not been revealed yet. That will come only after the restrainer…the Holy Spirit’s presence in believers…is taken away. ie – after the rapture.) Yet, despite it all, be encouraged: God has not (and will not) forsake Israel or the Jewish people.

Much has happened since this report, but Amir Tsarfati, who was in Tel Aviv when the chaos broke out, posted a report yesterday that certainly describes the situation on the ground. He then puts it in Biblical context, which is important to know. Please watch and share.

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