Danny Danon: Another Voice of Reason

Yesterday, we featured former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, truly a voice of reason in a world sorely lacking it. Today, we’ll shift focus to another voice of reason, Danny Danon.

I first met Danny Danon on a trip to Israel in 2010. I was part of a group blessed with a private audience with the young up-and-coming Likudnik who would one day become Deputy Defense Minister, and ultimately Israel’s Ambassador to the UN. I heard him speak on two other occasions after taking those positions. He served side-by-side with US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley for a season of time, and together they formed a formidable duo and staunch defenders of Israel in the UN.

Danon is now preparing to run once again for a seat in the Knesset…but not before sharing his perspective on his time at the UN. He has written In the Lion’s Den, a newly-released memoir, in some regards reflecting another Danny….the Biblical prophet, Daniel, who literally survived the lion’s den! (Forward by Nikki Haley.)

Danon was a clear-thinking, very forceful voice for Israel in the UN, yet he definitely had his “lion’s den” moments, including President Obama’s parting shot, known as Resolution 2334, condemning Israel’s building of Jewish homes in what some considered “occupied territory” in Judea and Samaria. President Trump later set that record straight, though not until some tough fought days in the lion’s den prior to Trump’s election.

Want more info? See Joel Rosenberg’s recent article, New Book by Israeli Ambassador to UN Danny Danon. I’m currently reading the new release, and believe it is worth the read for those interested in Israeli perspective on happenings during the Danon years at the UN. The book is available here.


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