What Do Israelis Think of Americans?

As a Christian who stands with Israel in accordance with what the Bible teaches, I often wonder what Israel thinks as America turns her back more and more on Israel.  During a visit to Israel a few years ago, our group had the unusual privilege of visiting the Knesset (Israel’s Parliament), where we had a private meeting with Danny Danon, Deputy Defense Minister at that time.

Kenesset - Danny Danon (DM) - cropped
Israeli Deputy Defense Minister, Danny Danon, in 2010  

 Knesset - at night
Israel’s Impressive Knesset

During that visit, Mr Danon expressed the deep appreciation Israel has for Christians who stand with Israel.  He also had high praise for America’s commitment to Israel throughout her short history.  However, he was very forthright in expressing Israel’s perception that America was, at that time, showing disturbing signs of turning her back on Israel.  He was convinced that, if things did not change, the decisions of the US administration would soon leave Israel to stand alone.

Now, almost 5 years later, I see how very prophetic his message to us was.  Indeed, as American leaders have tried to force a peace plan with Palestinians on Israel that jeopardizes her security, and as they are determined to negotiate with an evil regime (Iran) that is developing nuclear weapons to fulfill their threat to “wipe Israel off the map,” there is reason to believe that the prophetic words spoken that night seem to be coming true.

So, what do Israelis think of Americans today?  Surprisingly, according to a study conducted by Bar Ilan University’s Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, almost 75% of Israelis surveyed are “overwhelmingly appreciative” of the US.  However, in a very tell-tale sign, only 37% believe that President Obama’s views toward Israel are “positive.”  Thus, they recognize that the American public does not share the same view of Israel as our president.  Israelis also see that the United States’ position in the Middle East has weakened since the current administration took office in 2008.

Despite the unfavorable perception of American leaders:

Survey co-director Dr. Yael Elkon said the survey’s results indicate “that despite the fact that Israelis are deeply disconcerted about President Obama’s Middle East policies with regards to Israel-Palestinian affairs, regional uprisings, and Iran – the Israeli public remains one of the most pro-American communities in the world,” Elkon said in a press release Thursday.

“Overwhelming majorities view the US and Israel as having similar strategic interests in the Middle East, see the US as Israel’s loyal ally, and as a friend that will come to Israel’s aid in times of trouble,” she concluded.

Christian friends, be encouraged.  As we pray and support Israel as directed by Scripture, it is encouraging to know that Israelis recognize the difference between the people of America and the leaders of America.  Continue to stand firm with Israel, dear friends…despite what our leaders or anyone else does!  And let’s get serious right now about electing leaders who share our values.  As we pray for a Great Awakening in our nation, a fantastic result would be that repentance that begins in our hearts would become a national repentance, and that our nation would return to Biblical principles and values.

Thanks for stopping by…blessings to all!

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